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Traveling Dad Hosts 100 Points and Miles Enthusiasts in Washington DC

Nearly 100 loyalty points and miles enthusiasts gathered recently at The American Tap Room in Clarendon just west of Washington DC for an evening of networking and discussion on the latest tips and strategies to utilize credit card, airline, and hotel points and miles. Members of the Travel Hacking 101 Facebook Group came together for the second in a series of regional meet ups offering group members a chance to ditch the computer and meet in person. Traveling Dad hosted the evening in order to boost awareness about the ability of families to travel for steep discounts utilizing loyalty programs....

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What do you get for $2.6 billion in cash? Virgin America.

  A quite unlikely merger came to light over the weekend between Alaska Airlines parent Alaska Airlines Group and Virgin America. The cost? A cool $2.6 billion dollars in cash. Rumors of an acquisition began last week, which led to a significant rise in Virgin America’s share price. Two companies seemed to be in the hunt for Virgin America: Alaska Airlines and JetBlue. The potential merger of JetBlue and Virgin would have made more sense to me since they offer similar on-board products and fly the same type of fleet. Also, JetBlue has a strong foothold on the East Coast...

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Top 5 Family Credit Cards to Earn Free Travel

It’s difficult to go through the day without being bombarded by more advertisements than we ever thought possible. And when it comes to the credit card world, these advertisements all seem to promise us something for nothing. While I do believe in the age old economics adage “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” there are credit cards that have provided my family with tremendous rewards. These rewards have allowed us to travel the world, twice in first class, for almost free. Here now, my current top five credit cards that might help your family earn free travel. Interested in earning...

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Travel Like a VIP with the AMEX Platinum Card

Are you the type of traveler who always has an eye on getting ahead of the herd? Do you cringe when you see that long line for security? And once past security, do you scope out a comfortable place to sit that won’t make you feel like you’re in a bus terminal? I’m always on the lookout for an easier way to travel and I have found a way to make it a little more bearable… especially with the kids! The American Express Platinum Card. Don’t leave home without it. It’s not just for business travelers anymore. I’ve reaped the benefits of my platinum card since becoming a father and...

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Alaska Air Entertains With Alaska Beyond

We all know entertaining ourselves on flights can sometimes be a chore. You can’t exactly use Netflix over airplane WiFi because it just isn’t fast enough. Downloading movies via a service like iTunes ahead of time is the way to go, but it’s often hard to remember to do this ahead of time. On Alaska Airlines two days ago, I came across Alaska Beyond and I was instantly amazed – and entertained. On the same screen where you typically go to pay for your GoGo inflight wifi, there’s a button that says “Free movies and entertainment”. You can use...

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JetBlue Knows What It’s Doing, And You Know It

Squish them. Squeeze them. Stack them one on top of the other for a greater payload. That might be the conversation in the board room of virtually any airline sin the world and especially U.S. flag carriers. Leg room has been shrunk. Seat padding has become thinner and the average American backside needs a lubricant to slide into an airline seat. There have been several stories in the news in the last couple of weeks about passenger rage, the equivalent of road rage whereby airline passengers have been confronting each other, throwing cups of soda in the face of others and forcing planes...

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