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Why Our Family Invested in Southwest Companion Pass. And Why Your Family Should, Too!

This is the first year that our family looked into the Southwest Companion Pass. Not because we didn’t know about it, but because a few of our travel priorities have changed. We welcomed our first son, H, in February and we knew that our travel plans were changing some. We aren’t going to be traveling to Hong Kong, Bali, or Greece over the next couple of years. Instead, we will be traveling throughout the United States, Caribbean and Central America. This is where the Southwest Companion Pass is our best friend. Let me explain. Introduction to Southwest Companion Pass I’m not...

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Use Bonwi for easy hotel rebates

For traveling dads, sometimes convenience wins the day. Unless you travel regularly for business, it can be tough to stay loyal to a single hotel chain. Or maybe you don’t want to jump through the hoops necessary. Or even if you have loyalty, there may be that city where you have no options to your preferred loyalty chain. A few weekends ago my wife and I took a weekend trip to New York City without the kids. I booked the trip using Bonwi, a new website that offers easy to use rebates for hotel stays. I’ve tried in...

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Hamilton the Musical in Chicago – Thanks Amex!

Hamilton is by far the most talked about Broadway show right now, and with good reason. The music is amazing! If you have heard all of the hype and tried to buy tickets, you probably found the same thing I did. They are only available through resellers and they cost an arm and a leg. So when you read the title of this post, I’m sure that some of you were thinking, “Wait, you saw Hamilton? How much did you pay for tickets?” Disclosure: Traveling Dad may receive a commission for approvals received through links on this page. The...

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New Baby Equals New Travel Plans

Life, as I know it, is about to change. Alright, that was a little over-dramatic, but my life is about to change. In my previous (and first) post, I talked about how my wife and I were expecting our first child. We learned some lessons about traveling while pregnant that we’ll never forget. Now, as we’re about 1 week from our due date, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about our 2017 travel plans. Our life to this point, has revolved around travel. It’s been a centerpiece in everything that we do. We try to take at least...

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Earn easy miles and points shopping online!

Although sign up bonuses are  the fastest way to earn credit card miles and points, they are far from the only way. Did you know that you can earn miles and points for almost every online purchase you make? If not, this post will teach you the basics of how to do that. Earning miles and points shopping online usually occurs through shopping portals. Basically, you go through a shopping portal, earn a couple miles based on the amount of money you spend, and go about your day. While the numbers may not be significant, they add up! This...

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Travel Advice From A Soon-To-Be Dad

My wife, Vicki, and I are expecting our first child in February. Excited is an understatement. So is scared, anxious, nervous. You name it, we’re feeling it. Also, Vicki and I are travelers. I’m glad we have that in common. We’ve visited 10+ countries and traveled around the U.S. in the past five years together. No matter how much of a seasoned traveler you are, I’ve come to learn that traveling while pregnant can change everything. I’m going to share three lessons that we learned during our trip for any future dads. Lesson 1: Do not be overly ambitious. There’s a...

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Family Friendly Frequent Flyer Program Policies

Even the savviest travelers need to make adjustments once they become traveling dads! Traveling with kids often means learning a whole new set of rules. At the very least, it means higher costs and added stress at the airport. For traveling dads, not all frequent flyer programs are created equal. Here are some of the more family friendly airline policies out there. Free Checked Stroller or Car Seat (or both!) – All airlines Checked bag fees are all the rage these days. Still, airlines try to be family friendly when it comes to items like strollers and car seats....

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How to get World Series hotel deals 50% off (or more!)

With the 2016 World Series ongoing, many fans of either the Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians are buying tickets as well as traveling to either Chicago or Cleveland to watch their team.  Personally, being originally from Cleveland, I am looking forward to the Indians trying to capture their first World Series title since 1948.  Cubs fans have an even longer drought, as the Cubs last won the Series in 1908. With median ticket prices for Games 3-5 pushing over $1000, fans are looking for any way they can to cut down on expenses.  And while there aren’t a ton...

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Frontier: Cheap Flights But At What Cost?

Cheap airfare is one of the main things I look for when booking a flight. Flying Frontier Well Frontier you had me at cheap fares!  I was determined not to pay for any extras, which I accomplished by packing four days of clothing in a backpack and not bringing any toiletries. I traveled to Orlando in September for the first time alone.  No kids, no wife, just me; traveling solo!  I decided that I would try and find the most economical method to fly out of Austin.  Booking a cheap flight will save you money, but what does it...

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