September 22 Twitter Party ~ Dumb Stuff Travelers Do

On the way home the other night I noticed two ladies chatting at an outdoor sidewalk café. Nothing unusual about catching up with a friend on a crisp fall evening and certainly nothing wrong with it, either. Except for one thing. A wallet, achingly and visibly plump with money and ID cards, was sitting smack in the middle of their café table. Easily grabbable by one of the thousands of people who were streaming by on what even the quietest of days is one of the busiest cities in the world. Wow, I thought, that’s just dumb. Were these diners out-of-towners...

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What, Pray Tell, Is A Twitter Party?

What, Pray Tell, is a Twitter Party? Ever walked into a party and been overwhelmed by how many people are there, uncertain if anyone you know will show up, anxious about whether you’ll meet people you can stand to talk to or will have anything to say to them if you do? And then suddenly you find someone you know or meet someone nice or both, and before you know it you’re managing to have real conversations and it’s fine? Sound like every party you’ve ever been to? That’s what this party is like, too, except it’s on Twitter and you don’t have...

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How to Recognize an Unvarnished Dad

Right before the subway doors closed last night a dad got on who I thought I recognized as one of us. He lurched through the doorway. One hand holding a folded baby stroller, the other lightly guiding the back of his 2-year-old daughter’s head. The girl didn’t want to sit in a seat offered to her and her dad, as that would have made dad’s life easier. I recognized her type, too – The Honey-Haired Ball-Buster – because I have two at home. Naturally she insisted on holding on to a metal pole, the same one I was holding....

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Swing By a #TMOM Party June 30. See This Lady Start A Race Now.

Stop by a party, win a fancy camera smartphone. Let me try to explain through this FAQ. FAQ What party are we talking about? Our friends over at Traveling Mom are teaming up with Nokia at a Twitter party from 9-10 pm ET this coming Monday, June 30 to offer tips on how you can relive your vacation experiences. And you’re invited to join the party and offer your own tips, too. Whoa, whoa, whoa, how do I get to this party? First of all, you need to have a Twitter account. But don’t actually use Twitter to interact...

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