Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him, the Modern Traveler

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him We, at TravelingDad, want to share some gift ideas for him, the modern traveler in your life. With only about two weeks left before Christmas, your window of shopping is quickly closing. We have included different items ranging from $10 to $400. In this list are items for the travel warrior to the annual trip planner. The items were selected based on what we use on our excursions around the world. You’ll find a Lumix camera – considered the best point and shoot camera for travel. Next on the list is a well-designed,...

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Traveling Dad Presents: How to Take Better Photos (Video)

We emerged from the dimly-lit steakhouse, our bellies full of porterhouse, gulf shrimp, and spirits, our eyes full of northwest Florida sunlight, and naturally our very first thought was, let’s shoot a photography tips video in one take with no rehearsal. Because that’s how we roll at Traveling Dad. Watch the video embedded herein and you’ll realize pretty early on that I am merely in it to serve as facilitator and eye candy, assuming you like weird, aging candy. The muscle behind this project is Emmy-award winner JD Andrews, who dispensed all the tips and did a masterful job of editing the video;...

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Kevin James Is A Dad Like Us

Earlier today Traveling Dad bused it out to Gold Coast Studios in Bethpage, Long Island for a behind-the-scenes set tour of the CBS comedy “Kevin Can Wait” (which airs Mondays 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central). Prior to being shepherded around the set, we and a bunch of other family bloggers caught up with the series stars Kevin James and Erinn Hayes. The actors are parents on the show and in real life – Hayes a mother of two, James a father of four – and in the process of trying to get some travel advice, we discovered that James and Hayes are a...

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Real Men Eat Tea Sandwiches: Red Carnation Hotels Worth a Look

In a day when gas prices are plummeting just as other travel costs are escalating, you can combine the two for some exceptional savings. But at the same time, you may as well treat yourself to some of the better things in life as you travel. Red Carnation Hotels, a group of boutique hotels, is one of the better choices. At least that’s the opinion of readers of Travel & Leisure. In an annual survey of readers, the magazine has announced that five of Red Carnation’s hotels have been awarded the “2016 World’s Best Hotels.” Adding sugar to the...

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November 2: Share Holiday Travel Tips with #TMOM, Maybe Win An Amazon Gift Card

How can you manage the stress of holiday travel – and make your trip a magical memory instead? That’s one of the big questions Traveling Mom (#TMOM) will be asking at their next Twitter party, November 2, sponsored by Travel Guard insurance by AIG Travel. You should come. You’ll almost certainly learn something and will just maybe win a prize: #TMOM and Travel Guard are offering five $100 Amazon gift cards to winners selected at random. At the party you’ll encounter many parents and other travelers swapping holiday travel tips, so bring some of your own, if you don’t mind, as this is the season...

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Chevrolet SS: 100 Proof in a Brown Paper Bag

By Roger Garbow For most guys I know, fatherhood has been an immensely rewarding part of their lives. But for car guys, the responsibilities and lifestyle associated with being a dad usually requires some serious compromise in vehicle choices. Do you remember those fun-filled, carefree days of being a single guy? For auto enthusiasts, such memories might include a low-slung, two-seat, curve-carving convertible, or a tire-shredding rear-wheel-drive muscle car. After becoming a dad, with the buckling of car seats and a trunk full of strollers and toys and way too much other stuff, those days can seem lost forever...

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Back To School Travel Challenges – August 31 #TMOM Twitter Party

Kids are heading back to school or are there already, and a small part of you may be rejoicing. Openly, noisily rejoicing, in fact. However, another part of you may already be a bit anguished at the thought of this: How will I plan my family’s fall getaways and still make sure my kids are keeping up in the classroom? Do we dare have a child miss class so early in the semester – or do we leave him home and have him miss out on the experience? That’s the topic of the next #TMOM Twitter party. And in honor of the challenges many military...

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Save the Date: Family Travel for Real Life Conference 10.24.15

Ever wondered how to get started using airline miles and hotel points to travel around the world for free (or cheap)? Join me at Family Travel for Real Life on October 24th in Tysons Corner, Virginia.Organized by Dia Adams (“The Deal Mommy”), this is the third Family Travel for Real Life (#FT4RL) conference and this time I am honored to have been selected as one of the speakers.My topic is “Panning for Gold in Category 1: Hotel Tips, Tricks, and Steals,” which will focus on how to find hotels even in the lower ranges of hotel awards (ones that require...

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September 22 Twitter Party ~ Dumb Stuff Travelers Do

On the way home the other night I noticed two ladies chatting at an outdoor sidewalk café. Nothing unusual about catching up with a friend on a crisp fall evening and certainly nothing wrong with it, either. Except for one thing. A wallet, achingly and visibly plump with money and ID cards, was sitting smack in the middle of their café table. Easily grabbable by one of the thousands of people who were streaming by on what even the quietest of days is one of the busiest cities in the world. Wow, I thought, that’s just dumb. Were these diners out-of-towners...

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What, Pray Tell, Is A Twitter Party?

What, Pray Tell, is a Twitter Party? Ever walked into a party and been overwhelmed by how many people are there, uncertain if anyone you know will show up, anxious about whether you’ll meet people you can stand to talk to or will have anything to say to them if you do? And then suddenly you find someone you know or meet someone nice or both, and before you know it you’re managing to have real conversations and it’s fine? Sound like every party you’ve ever been to? That’s what this party is like, too, except it’s on Twitter and you don’t have...

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