If I Can Stand Up On a Paddleboard, So Can You

In Life, the Universe and Everything, the third installment of the Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, Ford Prefect, a reporter for the aforementioned guide, suggests that there’s a trick to flying. “The knack,” he says, “lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” This tip was on my mind during my first-ever stand-up paddleboard lesson with YOLO Board Adventures this past November as I stood amongst a gaggle of fellow travel writers on the shore of the fun-to-say Choctawhatchee Bay, nestled within the Florida Panhandle’s Emerald Coast region. I reasoned that if flying is the art...

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Key West: No, You Can’t Really See Cuba From Here

Sarah Palin, in the 2008 presidential campaign was Alaska’s governor. Most people thought she actually said “I can see Russia from my house.” She never said that; it was Tina Fey. The Saturday Night live comedian could have been standing in Key West at the southernmost point in the United States and said: I can see Cuba from here.” Well, she really couldn’t have because it’s 90 miles away and that would be difficult even on one of the key’s beautifully clear days. Southernmost Point is one of the more popular spots to visit in Key West. There’s nothing...

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Here’s Why Every Child Should Take A Cruise

It’s not only the 24-hour ice cream and free kid’s camp on board Carnival Cruise ships. There’s another, potentially life altering reason every kid should take a cruise. Whether it’s for a stretch of 4, 6, 7, 8 or 10 days, when a child cruises they gain not only the sugary all day chill of a soft serve twist and the friendships formed during full-ship scavenger hunts and late-night camp dance parties but also a familiarity with, understanding of, and geographic lessons courtesy of a worldwide crew of thousands who serve not only as steward, waitress, camp counselor, cruise...

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We Pulled Up To The Beachwalk Resort. And Then My Son Threw Up.

This isn’t the weekend I had planned. I’m supposed to be 27-stories in the sky at the Beachwalk Resort in Hallandale Beach, FL. Instead, I’m sitting at my dining table in Pompano Beach, deathly afraid of more poop and vomit. My family and I were set to take full advantage of a complimentary stay at the newly-renovated resort, about 30 minutes south on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. For 36 hours, we’d relax on the beach, enjoy delicious meals, and traverse through Aventura and Hollywood on the hotel-provided shuttle. Beachwalk Resort offered a complimentary weekend in a two-room...

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Days of Bluster: Teaching My Son to Dominate the Go Kart Track

It’s pretty easy to find a go kart track. They’re littered throughout amusement parks, county fairs, and suburban warehouse districts. This is because, on its face, go karting is one of those family-friendly activities that is supposed to be fun and not matter all that much. The problem is – it does matter. Deny it all you want, but the truth is go karts turns all of us into contact-loving, tire-shredding jerks. Something about a tiny car with no doors, electronics, suspension, or safety aides of any kind pegs the red of our internal fight-or-flight-ometers. Every time you plop...

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him, the Modern Traveler

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him We, at TravelingDad, want to share some gift ideas for him, the modern traveler in your life. With only about two weeks left before Christmas, your window of shopping is quickly closing. We have included different items ranging from $10 to $400. In this list are items for the travel warrior to the annual trip planner. The items were selected based on what we use on our excursions around the world. You’ll find a Lumix camera – considered the best point and shoot camera for travel. Next on the list is a well-designed,...

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Traveling Dad Presents: How to Take Better Photos (Video)

We emerged from the dimly-lit steakhouse, our bellies full of porterhouse, gulf shrimp, and spirits, our eyes full of northwest Florida sunlight, and naturally our very first thought was, let’s shoot a photography tips video in one take with no rehearsal. Because that’s how we roll at Traveling Dad. Watch the video embedded herein and you’ll realize pretty early on that I am merely in it to serve as facilitator and eye candy, assuming you like weird, aging candy. The muscle behind this project is Emmy-award winner JD Andrews, who dispensed all the tips and did a masterful job of editing the video;...

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Kevin James Is A Dad Like Us

Earlier today Traveling Dad bused it out to Gold Coast Studios in Bethpage, Long Island for a behind-the-scenes set tour of the CBS comedy “Kevin Can Wait” (which airs Mondays 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central). Prior to being shepherded around the set, we and a bunch of other family bloggers caught up with the series stars Kevin James and Erinn Hayes. The actors are parents on the show and in real life – Hayes a mother of two, James a father of four – and in the process of trying to get some travel advice, we discovered that James and Hayes are a...

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Real Men Eat Tea Sandwiches: Red Carnation Hotels Worth a Look

In a day when gas prices are plummeting just as other travel costs are escalating, you can combine the two for some exceptional savings. But at the same time, you may as well treat yourself to some of the better things in life as you travel. Red Carnation Hotels, a group of boutique hotels, is one of the better choices. At least that’s the opinion of readers of Travel & Leisure. In an annual survey of readers, the magazine has announced that five of Red Carnation’s hotels have been awarded the “2016 World’s Best Hotels.” Adding sugar to the...

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November 2: Share Holiday Travel Tips with #TMOM, Maybe Win An Amazon Gift Card

How can you manage the stress of holiday travel – and make your trip a magical memory instead? That’s one of the big questions Traveling Mom (#TMOM) will be asking at their next Twitter party, November 2, sponsored by Travel Guard insurance by AIG Travel. You should come. You’ll almost certainly learn something and will just maybe win a prize: #TMOM and Travel Guard are offering five $100 Amazon gift cards to winners selected at random. At the party you’ll encounter many parents and other travelers swapping holiday travel tips, so bring some of your own, if you don’t mind, as this is the season...

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