He/She/They/We Doth Hath The Beat on Broadway — A Head Over Heels Broadway Review!

Head Over Heels, a punk rock Shakespearean romp set to the classic 80’s songs of The Go-Go’s. I recently challenged my teenager, who is Broadway musical obsessed, to write her first Broadway review about this show after having seen a Saturday matinee last month, getting a quick tour of the stage and the wings of the theater, and meeting Peppermint, the first trans woman to create a principle role on Broadway. As you can imagine, I’m a pretty proud dad already but sharing her Head Over Heels Broadway review by my girl and edited together is next level. He/She/They/We...

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Go Vacation On Vacation with Nintendo Switch and Royal Caribbean

My teenager isn’t really taking a gap year. That said, if you were to hear her describe heading into an online charter high school this fall, that’s exactly what it would sound like. I can only imagine what our fellow back to school shoppers at Target were thinking, as an obviously not-even-close-to college age child was dancing around the glue sticks and pink erasers singing about her gap year. “Gap year, gap year, I’m taking a gap year!” Come the Tuesday after Labor Day, however, she will flip open the laptop provided, log in, and begin her freshman year...

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Journey to Genoa

Travel is a group decision in my family, so when I mentioned Genoa I was disappointed when no one got excited. The problem was image. We had passed the city a half dozen times on road trips to France but the views from the highway were always uninviting. I persisted though and rested my case on the city’s aquarium, which is the largest in Italy and houses over 500 species. My son Sacha (10) and Emma (6) liked the idea and after several weeks of persistence my wife relented and gave me the go ahead to organize a 3-day...

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The Traveling Dad Guide to Pandora: The World of Avatar

The Traveling Dad Guide to Pandora: The World of Avatar was reported by Shawn McAskill, Paul Eisenberg, Tim Jones, Daymon Patterson, Josh Rodriguez, and John C. Vanda at Pandora’s debut in May 2017 and was updated by Paul in July 2018 when a delegation from Traveling Dad and Traveling Mom swarmed the Toy Story Land opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The larger point here is that the Traveling Dads REVISIT places, because that’s what unshaven men with reporting skills do. It was only last year that we came, we saw, and drank beer in the morning. What we discovered —...

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The Traveling Dad Video Guide to Toy Story Land With Daym Drops

The Traveling Dad Video Guide to Disney Toy Story Land is not the definitive guide to Toy Story Land but it’s certainly among the first — a Traveling Mom/Traveling Dad delegation was embedded at the worldwide media preview of the new land at Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios the weekend of June 29 — and it will certainly be the only guide featuring Traveling Dad senior entertainment correspondent at large Daymon Patterson, known the world over as well as throughout the Dagobah System as Daym Drops. It’s not easy to get a gratuitous “Star Wars” reference into a...

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Sliding Into Summer with the Dr. Seuss Word Challenge on All Carnival Cruise Ships In July

Carnival Cruise Line is known for many things. There’s Grooving for St. Jude outside on the Lido deck, towel animal surprises in your cabin each evening, and, on the newer ships Vista and Horizon, the only IMAX Theaters at sea and a craft brewery on board. For little kids, what they probably love most about cruising on a Fun Ship is Carnival’s long standing partnership with Dr. Seuss! This month, that incredibly fun partnership offers young people a special bookish challenge during their summer cruise vacation. The Dr. Seuss Word Challenge is simple: read as many Dr. Seuss words...

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The Right Parts for Your Performance Car

                              Okay so you know I travel a lot. But what you may not know is when I do, I drive to my destinations more than 30% of the time. And when it’s time to hit the road I need my cars to be r-e-a-d-y! With that, I buy my parts from JEGS is all about performance, muscle cars and racing. If Ford, Chevy, or Dodge performance in new cars is your thing, go to JEGS.COM. If Mercedes-Benz is your thing as it is mine, go to...

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Celebrate Father’s Day With Dads Who Rock (and Rap)

Being a dad blogger means I get to know about a lot of rad dads doing rad things in the honeymoon glow of fatherhood. There’s my pal Sean Singleton’s Pop Lyfe Shop , the wonderful City Dads Groups all across the country, and Broadway actor-turned-dad-turned-entrepreneur Gavin Lodge’s high end diaper bags for handsome dudes sold in Barney’s of New York! But there’s a collection of rad dads I’ve known for even longer. These guys are the dads who rock (and rap) for families seeking awesome all-ages alternative music. Sharing music you love with your kid is stellar but sharing...

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Complete Guide to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Guide to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort We stayed at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, a Disney Vacation Club property, for Mother’s Day weekend. It worked out because not only did it give us something special to do for our family matriarch, but also an opportunity to learn more about Disney Vacation Club, something we’ve been on the fence about for the last several years. The trip helped shed light on the DVC, which is what the cool Disney members call it for short. Vero Beach, Getting There We visited Vero Beach in the past, a three hour drive from our home in Southwest Florida.  Vero...

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Guide to LEGOLAND Florida LEGO Star Wars Days

Walt Disney World is NOT the only theme park where you can meet Star Wars characters and celebrate the dark side. LEGOLAND Florida each year has LEGO Star Wars Days events that are not to be missed. So, if you have little ones that love LEGO bricks and Star Wars, they are in for a magical weekend. This exclusive LEGOLAND event begins May 5 and runs for three consecutive weekends (May 5-6, 12-13 & 19-20, 2018). It’s a fun annual park event that families look forward to attending each year. All activities are included with park admission. No extra...

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