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Tim Burns is the father of 8-year-old twins. He blogs about the adventures of parenting from a fun-loving dad's perspective at ageekdaddy.com. A connoisseur of comic books and remote control cars, he enjoys family road trips and is an avid Detroit Tigers fan.


Traveling around Metro Detroit you may notice stores, restaurants, parks, and other public spaces have artwork on display that looks like it should be in a museum.  Actually these are high-quality reproductions of masterpieces from the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) that are being shown at outdoor venues as part of a community outreach program called INSIDE|OUT encouraging people to visit the museum.  2017 marks the 8th year the DIA has put on the program in collaboration with local communities and financial support from the Knight Foundation.  This year’s INSIDE|OUT collection consists of 120 pieces that are being featured...

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Family Vacation WATER SAFETY Tips

I can’t recall a family vacation that hasn’t involved my kids at some time during it being in proximity to water.  Pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, water parks whenever and wherever you are traveling there always seems to be an opportunity to enjoy getting wet.  While playing in the water can be an incredibly fun time it can also quickly turn into a tragedy if you aren’t vigilant about safety. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention & Control, drowning is a leading cause of unintentional injury deaths within the United States.   Every day an average of ten people...

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Imagine being famed British archaeologist Howard Carter chiseling open a sealed stone door found at the bottom of some mysterious steps uncovered by his excavation team and peering inside by the light of a candle in his hand to see the glint of gold sparkling in the darkness.  When asked by colleagues at that moment if he saw anything, Carter replied “Yes, wonderful things!”  Since that 1922 discovery of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s hidden tomb within the Valley of the Kings this trove of valuable treasure and artifacts has captivated the world’s interest and imagination about King Tut and ancient Egyptian...

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Traverse City, Michigan has a rustic ambiance to it yet plenty of metropolitan amenities making it one of my family’s favorite summer vacation destinations that we visit every year.  A four hour drive from Detroit and five hour trek from Chicago makes this northern Michigan community a manageable road trip destination for many families living throughout the Midwest.  While the area’s boating, biking, fishing, hiking and swimming activities make it an excellent location for a family road trip with kids, Traverse City’s wonderful selection of bistros, breweries, restaurants, wineries and vineyards also provide a great spot for an adults...

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Visiting a LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a Fun Road Trip

The LEGO brand with its iconic brick building toys, successful LEGO Dimensions and LEGO Worlds video games, and blockbuster movies is at an all time high in popularity.  So parents with school aged children at home have most assuredly been asked countless times if the family can go on a vacation to one of the LEGOLAND theme parks by their kids.  For those families who don’t have the time or budget to travel to California, Florida or one of the foreign countries that has a LEGOLAND theme park (Dubai, Germany, Great Britain, Malaysia) there is another option that can...

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Every year my family takes a summer getaway to the Traverse City area in the upper northwestern corner of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  The region features wonderful beaches and sand dunes along Lake Michigan’s shores, great wineries and restaurants to enjoy, and many of the amenities of a metropolitan place though you are in a rural environment that is filled with magnificent natural landscapes.  Biking, boating, hiking, fishing, swimming are just a few of the numerous activities that make this part of Michigan an ideal place for a summer visit.  The fun doesn’t have to end when the weather gets...

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You don’t need to be a penguin to enjoy the cold weather months – winter is a great time for a visit to the zoo! When you think of a trip to the zoo probably a school year field trip or summer family outing is the first thing that comes to mind.  Most zoos are open throughout the entire year though and winter can be a great time for a visit.  While you might be in for a chilly time, some of my family’s best trips to the zoo have been during the winter time. If you are like...

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