Paul Eisenberg

Paul Eisenberg

After accompanying his travel writer dad to the Peruvian Amazon, Paul Eisenberg had his first trip report published at age 15 in Junior Scholastic magazine and has been a fan of family travel and journalism ever since. Some years later he went on to serve as editorial director at Fodor’s, where for nearly a decade he directed a guidebook program including U.S. and family travel titles. He has reported on travel for Barclaycard, Shermans Travel, and, has written about parenting for Nick Jr. magazine and authored the sixth edition of Fodor’s Around New York City with Kids. In 2010 his article about medical tourism received a Lowell Thomas Award, the highest honor in travel journalism. Paul and his wife live in New York City with their three children.

The BEST Holiday Lights (and Suitcase Giveaway!)

My young son takes the shamash or helper candle and begins lighting the row of eight candles in our menorah. The candles drip too much wax and arbitrarily flame way too high, as Hanukkah candles often do, and I count the seconds until one of his older sisters utters that phrase oft heard in Jewish households during the Festival of Lights, watch your sleeve, idiot. This is what I think of when I think of holiday lights. But of course, holiday lights are a thing that transcends Hanukkah as well as Christmas and perhaps all religion, rhyme, or reason. The...

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Traveling Dad Presents: How to Take Better Photos (Video)

We emerged from the dimly-lit steakhouse, our bellies full of porterhouse, gulf shrimp, and spirits, our eyes full of northwest Florida sunlight, and naturally our very first thought was, let’s shoot a photography tips video in one take with no rehearsal. Because that’s how we roll at Traveling Dad. Watch the video embedded herein and you’ll realize pretty early on that I am merely in it to serve as facilitator and eye candy, assuming you like weird, aging candy. The muscle behind this project is Emmy-award winner JD Andrews, who dispensed all the tips and did a masterful job of editing the video;...

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Kevin James Is A Dad Like Us

Earlier today Traveling Dad bused it out to Gold Coast Studios in Bethpage, Long Island for a behind-the-scenes set tour of the CBS comedy “Kevin Can Wait” (which airs Mondays 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central). Prior to being shepherded around the set, we and a bunch of other family bloggers caught up with the series stars Kevin James and Erinn Hayes. The actors are parents on the show and in real life – Hayes a mother of two, James a father of four – and in the process of trying to get some travel advice, we discovered that James and Hayes are a...

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How Travel Teaches Kids About Money

    This post was sponsored by Capital One. Opinions were not directed by the sponsor and are, as always, my own. That copy of your bill that the hotel slid under your door during the night? Have your kid take a nice long look at it. It’s reality, itemized. And isn’t it about time your kids understood reality? It’s actually past time for my kids. I grew up in an era when I was well aware of the costs of the things I wanted to buy, but my parents didn’t elaborate much on the sacrifices it took to afford...

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Destination Vermont: Stoweflake Mountain Resort

New England is perhaps four hours north of the Metro New York/New Jersey region but it is a world away. As well it is convenient to Connecticut and other adjoining states. It’s only about four hours of easy driving from the Metro area, mostly highway if you are looking to cut down on drive time; or add an hour and take local roads to enjoy the scenery. One of the nicest ways to go is across Lake Champlain by a ferry. It’s not the Staten Island Ferry or even New York Waterways, but it does carry both passengers and...

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The Top Reason You Want A Locking Door on a Family Vacation (And It’s Not What You’re Thinking)

Between seven and eight each weekday morning is the time in my house I have long referred to as the Witching Hour. Five of us – two adults, two teen girls, and a 9-year-old boy – jockeying for privacy in a two-bedroom, one bathroom apartment. If it weren’t an hour that brought out the worst in all of us, we might find it comical. The alarm goes off at 7 a.m. Nobody moves. “Get in the bathroom,” I yell. “It’s empty.” I yell this as a courtesy, knowing full well that still, nobody will move. So I go into...

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Traveling Dads Daym Drops & Chris Clarke Make Cooking Channel Pilot “Baby Got Snack”

Some men snack to live while others live to snack. Traveling Dads Daymon “Daym Drops” Patterson and Chris “C-Snacks” Clarke are definitely the latter. And they prove it when their Cooking Channel pilot “Baby Got Snack” premieres Thursday, July 14, 9:30 ET. A little backstory. Best friends Daym and Chris have been dominating the world of online fast food and snack reviews for some time now. “Baby Got Snack” takes their snack mission to the next level. In the pilot — which, needless to say, we hope becomes a series with a huge episode order  — Daym and Chris go straight to...

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I Asked New Kids on the Block for Family Travel Advice. Here’s What Happened. (VIDEO)

“If someone has a problem with a baby being a baby, they’re an as*hole,” Donnie Wahlberg told me the other day and I agree with him, both because I’m easily intimidated and he happens to be right. You know he is. I caught up with Walhlberg and his fellow New Kids on the Block bandmates June 9 during a live Q&A session at the Adorama Live Theatre in New York City. NKOTB was on the scene to promote the upcoming second season of their “Rock This Boat” series, an episode of which was screened for the bloggers in attendance. What came...

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It’s Not Too Late To Plan Your Family Summer Vacation

Is that charcoal in the air or is that burning smell your desperation from still not knowing what to do with your kids this summer? Either way, summer is upon us and I’m here to suggest that it’s not too late to make plans. I am a huge procrastinator in this area, so learn from my mistakes and consider doing some of the following things. Now. If you’re hoping to travel with particular family or friends this summer or crash at any of their houses for free, don’t take their availability for granted – initiate that conversation today if you...

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The Single Best Way to Beat Stress at Walt Disney World

Let’s face it, bringing your family to Walt Disney World can be stressful. Let’s look at why. A Walt Disney World vacation can be quite expensive. Expectations are insanely high. However much time you have to explore the parks, it never seems like enough. You may find yourself being almost pathologically tactical as you plan which rides and attractions to do when and in what order, doing whatever it takes to get your money’s worth and cram it all in before your time and energy run out. When I went to Walt Disney World for the first time as a dad, I...

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