Paul Eisenberg

Paul Eisenberg

After accompanying his travel writer dad to the Peruvian Amazon, Paul Eisenberg had his first trip report published at age 15 in Junior Scholastic magazine and has been a fan of family travel and journalism ever since. Some years later he went on to serve as editorial director at Fodor’s, where for nearly a decade he directed a guidebook program including U.S. and family travel titles. He has reported on travel for Barclaycard, Shermans Travel, and, has written about parenting for Nick Jr. magazine and authored the sixth edition of Fodor’s Around New York City with Kids. In 2010 his article about medical tourism received a Lowell Thomas Award, the highest honor in travel journalism. Paul and his wife live in New York City with their three children.

The Truth About Traveling With My Daughters

My daughters have never had to share a bed at home the way the Ingalls girls did on “Little House on the Prairie” but when our family travels the two often end up in the same bed. The other night I asked my girls to sum up that experience and they complied, recalling their recent travels with my wife to visit colleges. “There was that time,” my eldest daughter said, describing when she and her sister turned in at a roadside hotel,” when she just put her hand on my face. She did it in her sleep, and it...

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Giving Up Control: Can Self-Driving Cars and Dads Live in Harmony?

Self-parking cars, like the Ford Fusion I test drove in Florida, are the way of the future. But are they the right way for real men? We guys like to be in control. The feel of the gas pedal. Hands on the steering wheel. Showing off our parking prowess in that really tight parking spot. Living in New York City, where parking is always at a premium, learning to park is a critical coming-of-age skill. If the cars do it for us, what are dads supposed to teach their sons (and daughters)? On the other hand, after a long...

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Multigenerational Travel – Have You? Would You? Could You?

Family vacations are morphing. It used to be enough to take the wife and kids on a trip. Now, increasingly we’re taking everyone–Mom, Dad, kids, grands, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends big and small. It’s multigenerational travel, large group travel and take-everyone-along travel. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing trends in family traveling–taking the whole neighborhood along on a trip. Have you done it? Would you? Could you? We want to know. So we’ve partnered with the TravelingMoms and and Vacatia  to find out more. Take our quick 8-question survey and be entered to win two Ricardo of Beverly Hills...

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What’s in Your Pants?

What happens when you couple an Emmy Award-winning video editor with some Traveling Dads punch-drunk on Orlando sunshine but nonetheless eager to talk about the one thing that’s always in their pants when they travel? A video editor with his work cut out for him. Fortunately the aforementioned video guy, world traveling photographer JD Andrews, was not only behind the camera but also happens to be one of us (a Traveling Dad) so he understood the unique challenges of eliciting responses that were at once informative and hilarious. We hope you find the video embedded herein to be a bit of...

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Traveling Dad Driving Tips By Daym Drops

Last month the 2017 New York International Auto Show made car enthusiasts even more enthusiastic about cars. The event yielded a Girls Night Out sponsored by SheBuysCars and Traveling Mom. And, I had the opportunity to catch up with Daym Drops. Daym, aka Daymon Patterson, is a YouTube #FoodTitan and food correspondent for “The Rachael Ray Show.” He’s also a father of two. So shortly after testing the trunk capacity of the 2018 Toyota Camry, Daym and I evaluated the legroom of the 2018 Yaris, where I asked him what he feared most about his eldest daughter eventually hitting the road as a licensed driver. In his answer, Daym notes the...

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Free Fishing with Kids in New York City

At least once a day in conference rooms and business schools across the galaxy you’re certain to hear someone say that if you want something done in a way that’s good, cheap, and fast, you’re dreaming, because realistically you can only pick two of the three. That saying may apply to a great many things but I discovered last weekend that it’s not true of the Harlem Meer, a lake in the northernmost reach of New York City’s Central Park where the fishing is free, good, and fast, as well as easy and fun. The Meer, which incidentally is...

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How to Poach an Egg & Other Cooking Tips

Give a dad a poached egg and you feed him for a day. Teach a dad to poach an egg and he’ll be a hero the next time he’s cooking his daughter breakfast. Or so the saying sort of goes. Now, you can likely teach yourself how to properly poach an egg, grill an octopus, sear a halibut, or plate a dish from browsing different YouTube videos. Or, you can learn all of those things and more from watching the single epic video embedded at the end of this post. It’s like getting a free master class in cooking techniques, well,...

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Spring Break Procrasticationers Exposed

If there’s a reason that procrastination so gracefully rhymes with vacation I’d like to think it’s because I often wait until the last minute to make family travel plans for spring break (if I make any at all) and according to a recent survey, I’m not alone. Evidently a relatively whopping 28 percent of us – the us being respondents in a joint Traveling Dad/Traveling Mom/Vacatia survey released today – say we tend to figure out our spring break vacation plans at the last minute. And what feels like good news – at least for procrastination vacation planners or...

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Dad Lessons Learned While Visiting California

If you’re the father of a daughter then you know the side-eye. While this disapproving sidelong glance has been perfected by Frank Underwood, if you’re the father of a daughter (I have two, as well as a young son with his own collection of dirty looks) then you’re accustomed to getting side-eye when you’re snapping photos of your beloved little girls, especially while on vacation. And the more I need the photo – and if you’re a family travel writer, you always need a photo of your kid doing something – the more disdainful the side-eye. But here’s the thing....

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If I Can Stand Up On a Paddleboard, So Can You

In Life, the Universe and Everything, the third installment of the Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, Ford Prefect, a reporter for the aforementioned guide, suggests that there’s a trick to flying. “The knack,” he says, “lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” This tip was on my mind during my first-ever stand-up paddleboard lesson with YOLO Board Adventures this past November as I stood amongst a gaggle of fellow travel writers on the shore of the fun-to-say Choctawhatchee Bay, nestled within the Florida Panhandle’s Emerald Coast region. I reasoned that if flying is the art...

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