Paul Eisenberg

Paul Eisenberg

After accompanying his travel writer dad to the Peruvian Amazon, Paul Eisenberg had his first trip report published at age 15 in Junior Scholastic magazine and has been a fan of family travel and journalism ever since. Some years later he went on to serve as editorial director at Fodor’s, where for nearly a decade he directed a guidebook program including U.S. and family travel titles. He has reported on travel for Barclaycard, Shermans Travel, and, has written about parenting for Nick Jr. magazine and authored the sixth edition of Fodor’s Around New York City with Kids. In 2010 his article about medical tourism received a Lowell Thomas Award, the highest honor in travel journalism. Paul and his wife live in New York City with their three children.

TDAD Test Drive: 2018 Chrysler Pacifica

Perhaps like no other experience, a family car trip will inspire your children to open up to you. Take this back-and-forth between me and my eldest daughter while we were in a car. She was in the passenger seat and I wondered if she was comfortable. Me: How are you finding it? Libby: Good. Me: Care to expand on that? Libby: Very good. The car in which this breakthrough exchange took place was a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, loaned to me by Event Solutions International for a N.Y.C. to N.J. round-trip jaunt to visit my in-laws. Among the things we...

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Join Daym Drops 3/19 for a Foodie Twitter Party

THIS JUST IN… Food titan Daym Drops will join Traveling Dad and Traveling Mom to celebrate his new book “Eating Across America” at a March 19 Twitter party, during which we’ll share our favorite things to eat and drink across the USA and give away two copies of Daym’s book. Party details follow at the end of this post. Maybe you haven’t been living under a rock. Perhaps you have other stuff going on and haven’t heard the name Daymon Patterson or his also-known-as name, Daym Drops. If you haven’t heard of Daym, then you don’t know that while working...

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Ford Sheds Light on Why We Love and Hate Tech

A relationship thrives when there are strong reasons to be in one and I suppose my love-hate relationship with technology is so strong because the reasons to love and hate it are as boundless as they are compelling. And it seems I’m not alone. In a survey conducted for Ford, “47% of adults globally agree that there is a dark side to technology that’s making us dumber, while 63% claim it makes us less polite.” Perhaps, like me, you have a child who is smart but who has the capacity to be smarter. But as long as he has...

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Share Your Spring Break Planning Challenges in Our Survey!

When you hear “spring break” do you think, oxymoron? I do. Historically this period in April when our kids are off school either takes so much planning that my wife and I are completely strung out by the time this “break” rolls around and it’s really not much of a break at all (at least for us) or we do too little planning and our brood ends up muddling through what feels like the World’s Longest Staycation. Part of my problem with spring break and almost every school break, really, is that they’re times when a lot of other families are off...

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If I Can Kayak, So Can You

Two Novembers ago in Florida I had my first-ever stand-up paddleboarding experience and spaced out while the guides were giving a group of us instructions about what to do and what not to do on the water. But everything on the Choctawhatchee Bay turned out fine that day because my guide was kind and his confidence was infectious enough that I almost knew what I was doing after only an hour. And once I returned to dry land, I had what has to be a water sport operator’s primary benchmark of success after giving someone an inaugural lesson: I...

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Omni Amelia Island Magical TDAD Video Tour

In early November I was one of “five guys just sitting around talking, drinking, eating, seeing and doing stuff,” to quote myself in the video above, which in a shade under six and a half minutes gives you an exhausting if not exhaustive walk-through of the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, where I was hosted for four days as part of a “man fam” trip, aka mancation. As you’ll hear if you choose to watch the video with sound, I share some useful travel information about the resort, off Florida’s Atlantic Coast and not far from Jacksonville, which you’ll...

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“Brewmaster”: Beer Is a Calling

Everybody has dreams. For the dudes in “Brewmaster,” those dreams happen to be about beer. Happen to be, because while the film does delve into the lives of guys for whom beer and its culture are a calling, you can close your eyes and easily imagine them talking about something other than beer when they say things like: “Everybody’s got a day job.” (which isn’t necessarily what you love). “We wanted to create our own jobs.” (to truly do that thing we love). “You can’t get tired doing what you love.” This is all pretty relatable stuff for dreamers,...

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Goodbye Christopher Robin: A Wake-Up Call for Dads

If you’re a writer there’s a good chance you’re a procrastinator. Case in point, I’m writing this post about “Goodbye Christopher Robin” a month after seeing the film at its New York premiere. Procrastination isn’t the same as laziness, which is not to say that procrastinators and writers can’t be lazy. Many are. Procrastinating writers might procrastinate from an absence of inspiration. Or an abundance of pressure, say from a loved one or editor who just wants you to, you know, write something. But you really don’t need or want me to explain a writer’s torment. For that, you...

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Win a Sweet Wheelie Bag! Sweepstakes Ends Soon!

During a sojourn to Walt Disney World with the Traveling Mom team I discovered the dark magic of Dole Whip, communed with winged creatures at Epcot, and discovered why it’s important to see the Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for yourself. I also received a nice piece of luggage, the Ricardo Beverly Hills 21″ 4-Wheel Spinner WheelAboard, which in layman’s parlance is a medium-sized carry-on wheelie bag that will fit comfortably in the overhead luggage compartments of most commercial airplanes. I got to keep the bag. In exchange I agreed to write the post that follows. But before we get to...

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Complete Quick Holiday Survey, Maybe Win A Bag

The other day I asked a colleague how his far-flung family picked the destination they’ll be flocking to for a reunion this winter. “We managed to find a mutually inconvenient place,” he said. His answer underscores a truth that is perhaps under-discussed, at least publicly: The holidays, which the Bureau of Transportation Statistics defines as that hot pocket spanning the day before Thanksgiving and the day after New Year’s, is the busiest travel period in the United States… but, do any of us really want to be traveling during the holidays? That’s one of the questions raised in the...

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