Joe Cheung

Joe Cheung

As writer of the blog As The Joe Flies Joe Cheung is a self-described “average Joe trying to fly his family for less.” He specializes in helping families utilize their miles and points to travel at a great discount. He uses those same techniques to travel domestically and abroad with his wife and two children throughout the year. You can also find him podcasting at Saverocity and Tweeting at @asthejoeflies.

6 reasons new dads should take paternity leave

I’m blessed with the ability to take a lot of time off for paternity leave in my current work. Because of this, after the birth of each of my children I took full advantage of the family friendly policy. I took three months off each for my first two children and am currently in the midst of a five month paternity leave for our third child. While this last paternity leave comes with a small financial burden, taking almost a year off of work total (across the three kids) is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. There...

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When’s the best time to fly for kids under five?

Before I became a traveling dad, I was willing to take all sorts of flights to get to my destination. Redeyes, multiple destinations, overnights, you name it. But everything changed when I had my daughter, and even more changed after I had my son. After 36 flights for my almost 4 year old daughter and 13 for my toddler son, I’ve come up with my favorite times to fly for young children. When traveling with babies and toddlers, I’ve found it really important to choose the right flights and fly at the right time of the day for my...

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When’s the best time to leave for a roadtrip with kids?

Kids say the darndest things. You’d think after bringing my kids to Disney World without mom, they’d say it’s their favorite vacation. You, like me, would be wrong when it comes to my kids. My daughter says, and I quote, “My favorite vacation is at grandma’s house.” So we decided last minute to take a long weekend drive from Boston to New Jersey, which led me to wonder: when’s the best time to leave for a roadtrip with kids? Like my past post about the best time to schedule a flight with kids, I don’t think there’s a hard...

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When does Disney World have the lowest crowds?

Disney World finds its way onto almost every single family’s vacation checklist. Either the parents loved Disney as kids (me) or the kids bug their parents until the parents cave (also me). An important part of the planning process is answering the question: “When are Disney World crowds the lowest?” Disney World always boasts large crowds, but you still can find the best time ago by considering the following parameters. Using basic common sense can really help you with your visit. Here are four of the best times to visit Disney World and the two busiest times of the year! Mid...

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Save money on your vacation with travel rewards credit cards sign up bonuses

Every year, people who don’t get to travel a lot cite budget as a major contributing factor. It can be difficult for families to budget enough to take the trips they want to take, especially as they get bigger. But if you’re in the process of planning a big trip, you can easily save some significant cash using a travel credit card sign up bonus. Let’s take a look at how to do this in the simplest way possible. Disclosure: Traveling Dad may receive a commission for approvals received through links on this page. The editorial content on this...

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Happily Ever After Fireworks Review

Disney fans underwent some weeping and gnashing of teeth a few months ago when Disney announced its plans to end Wishes, the long running nighttime fireworks spectacular at the Magic Kingdom. Wishes holds a sentimental spot in many Disney fans hearts so I understood their worry. On May 12, 2017 Disney debuted the new Magic Kingdom Nighttime Spectacular: Happily Ever After. So one simple question: is Happily Ever After a worthy successor to Wishes? In this traveling dad’s opinion, the answer is 100% yes. Yes, I loved Wishes and will definitely miss it, but Happily Ever After more than...

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Why you need travel insurance for your family

As I sit typing this, the entire left side of my jaw throbs in pain. Long story short, 48 hours ago I felt nothing, last night I woke up at 2 AM in a world of hurt. The diagnosis is in: I need a root canal. As a frequent family traveler, my third thought after “Crap” and “Should have flossed more” was “I’m so glad this didn’t happen on the road”. Things like this can, at best, put a damper on your vacation. At worst, they can end it altogether. Enter family travel insurance. I tend to stress out...

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Ranking the Walt Disney World Nighttime Shows (updated with Happily Ever After!)

When it comes to theme park nighttime spectaculars, nobody can hold a handle to Disney. With Rivers of Light opening this week, Walt Disney World now hosts six different nighttime shows. If you have young kids like me, even with a week in Orlando you won’t have time to see all the shows – too many late bedtimes. I thought it might be fun to put together a biased, totally subjective list of the Walt Disney World nighttime shows. I got to preview Rivers of Light at #DisneySMMC so I’ve now seen all of them and can finally put this list...

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How and why to take the Airport Express from Hong Kong Airport

If you’re visiting Hong Kong with your family, you’ll probably stay somewhere in the city. (Check out fellow TDAD Sheeraj’s experience with his family). While you can accomplish this in a variety of ways, I highly recommend you take the Airport Express from Hong Kong Airport. My last trip to Hong Kong, flights thankfully paid for with American Airlines miles, confirmed my opinion that it supercedes all other options into the city. Disclosure: Traveling Dad may receive a commission for approvals received through links on this page. The editorial content on this page is not provided by any bank,...

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Why you should consider taking an infant to Europe

Being East Coast based, my wife and I love visiting Europe. Before we had kids, thanks to miles and points earned through credit card rewards, we managed to hit up Europe two or three times a year. Once we had kids, we still earned plenty of miles and points and thus had the means to still visit Europe. But we had to ask: should we consider taking an infant to Europe? Well we ended up answering that question with a resounding yes! I’d say we’ve taken three infant trips to Europe between our two kids (really, the classification of...

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