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As writer of the blog As The Joe Flies Joe Cheung is a self-described “average Joe trying to fly his family for less.” You can also find him podcasting at Saverocity and Tweeting at @asthejoeflies.

Ranking the Walt Disney World Nighttime Shows

When it comes to theme park nighttime spectaculars, nobody can hold a handle to Disney. With Rivers of Light opening this week, Walt Disney World now hosts six different nighttime shows. If you have young kids like me, even with a week in Orlando you won’t have time to see all the shows – too many late bedtimes. I thought it might be fun to put together a biased, totally subjective list of the Walt Disney World nighttime shows. I got to preview Rivers of Light at #DisneySMMC so I’ve now seen all of them and can finally put this list...

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Earn easy miles and points shopping online!

Although sign up bonuses are  the fastest way to earn credit card miles and points, they are far from the only way. Did you know that you can earn miles and points for almost every online purchase you make? If not, this post will teach you the basics of how to do that. Earning miles and points shopping online usually occurs through shopping portals. Basically, you go through a shopping portal, earn a couple miles based on the amount of money you spend, and go about your day. While the numbers may not be significant, they add up! This...

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Infant plane ticket: to buy or not to buy?

In the good old days, you used to be able to buy a discounted infant plane ticket. But nowadays airlines that offer such tickets are few and far between: you can get one on Southwest but you can’t do it online. Even then it might not be worth the phone call. The question every traveling dad has before there child turns two: should I buy an infant plane ticket? I’ve found very strong opinions on the subject – needless to say people can be fiercely defensive of their position. I’m not here to wade into that argument today, instead, I...

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Saving Money on Disney Park Tickets

Everyone knows that Disney costs a lot of money. Part of the Disney magic is that your wallet gets magically lighter by the end of a trip! Still, there are ways to save money if you are willing to do some legwork. One of the toughest things to save money on are Disney park tickets. Unless you’re planning on actively avoiding the parks, you are going to be out a couple hundred of dollars. Here are some of the ways you can save money on park tickets – and some ways you can stretch your Disney park tickets further! Open...

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Why London is great with young kids

When my wife and I think of cities in other countries we love, London always nears the top of the list. We enjoyed visiting the city a great deal before we had kids. Of course, after we had kids, the question was, can we handle taking them overseas? For parents considering testing the waters with traveling overseas with young children (or even parents who travel overseas with their kids all the time!), London remains an excellent option. Here are some of the reasons I think London is great for kids – with some caveats. Travel options make London convenient...

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When’s the best time to fly for kids under five?

Before I became a traveling dad, I was willing to take all sorts of flights to get to my destination. Redeyes, multiple destinations, overnights, you name it. But everything changed when I had my daughter, and even more changed after I had my son. After 36 flights for my almost 4 year old daughter and 13 for my toddler son, I’ve come up with my favorite times to fly. When traveling with babies and toddlers, I’ve found it really important to choose the right flights and fly at the right time of the day for my kids. Obviously everyone’s...

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Family Friendly Frequent Flyer Program Policies

Even the savviest travelers need to make adjustments once they become traveling dads! Traveling with kids often means learning a whole new set of rules. At the very least, it means higher costs and added stress at the airport. For traveling dads, not all frequent flyer programs are created equal. Here are some of the more family friendly airline policies out there. Free Checked Stroller or Car Seat (or both!) – All airlines Checked bag fees are all the rage these days. Still, airlines try to be family friendly when it comes to items like strollers and car seats....

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Minimize Wait Times By Maximizing Rider Switch at Walt Disney World

When I took my family of four to Walt Disney World for the first time, I vowed to make the best use of our time – and we did just that using techniques I outlined in a previous post. Part of my strategy was based on what my friend (and Traveling Mom) Leslie from Trips with Tykes spoke to me about the wonders of rider switch. She’s written THE definitive guide for rider switching at Disneyland. At Disney World, there are some subtle differences, so I thought I’d write a complementary guide here! How does rider switch work? The concept...

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Four Things Walt Disney World Can Learn From Hershey Park

I love Disney World – it’s far and away my favorite theme park to visit. Still, That’s not to say the Mouse doesn’t have room for improvement – on the contrary, I feel the quality of the parks has been decreasing, but that’s for another post. But should we compare Hershey and Disney? I visited Hershey Park with my family over the summer and couldn’t help but notice a few things I thought Disney might consider learning from. I think it’s fair game to ask Disney to improve: theoretically they say they are always trying to! Some of these...

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5 Sites That Will Help You Find Cheap Flights

As your family gets bigger, the value of affordable plane tickets increases exponentially. That’s why a lot of people turn to “travel hacking” – figuring out how to get more with less. Fellow TDAD Richard Kerr and I have been doing this for years and it has really helped us with our travel budgets (read about his Travel Hacking Meetup here). If you’re interested in Travel Hacking, I’ve started writing a Family Travel Hacking Guide that will eventually cover all of the basics. If you don’t think you have the time, you can still save a lot of money...

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