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Guest Author

Our guest authors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but each has something unique to contribute to Traveling Dad.

Traveling Dad Guide to Outdoor Safety

When was the last time you said goodbye to your busy life schedules and said hello to a new adventure? There’s no denying that we live in a wonderful world full of beauty, charm and adventures, though many of us put so much time in our jobs that we forget how fun such adventures as walking, climbing, biking, skiing, paddling, and sailing can be. Of course if you do get out of doors for adventuring, there are potential downsides. Imagine yourself in a situation where you are unable to go up a hill because your knees are worn out or you are...

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The Log Flume: Classic for a Reason

This is a love letter to the classic log flume, the greatest family ride in the world. History of the Log Flume The log flume is a simply designed ride – a boat, typically themed as a log and made of fiberglass – moves through a path of water at a nice relaxing pace, ending with a large drop and splashdown. Modern log flumes are direct descendants of Shoot-the-Chutes type rides popular in the late 19th century. The first modern log flume ride opened up at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington Texas in 1963.  It is still in...

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Quirky Summer Family Adventures

If you’d like to make learning fun for your family this summer and are looking for something quirky, skip the resorts and amusement parks and aim for one of these quirky adventures instead. Underground caverns Caverns and caves can be found in almost every state. Visit the Natural Caves Association to find those near you or along your road-trip route. Some caverns are more child friendly than others, so consider your child’s age and skill level before embarking on your descent. Many caves have guided tours and others are safe enough to be self-led. Dress in layers because it can get...

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5 Reasons to Pack the Panasonic Lumix ZS60 on Your Next Family Vacation

Getting ready for a family vacation can be a lot of work. You need to pick the perfect place to stay, plan the ideal itinerary, find the best places to eat, and figure out what to pack for the adventure. Being as you worked so hard to plan this trip, you deserve some fabulous family photos. So I’m going to take one thing off your checklist: For your next family vacation, pack the Panasonic Lumix ZS60. Here’s why. Size For family vacations, the size of your camera can obviously factor into whether you pack it or not. I own a DSLR camera with a very...

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Chevrolet SS: 100 Proof in a Brown Paper Bag

By Roger Garbow For most guys I know, fatherhood has been an immensely rewarding part of their lives. But for car guys, the responsibilities and lifestyle associated with being a dad usually requires some serious compromise in vehicle choices. Do you remember those fun-filled, carefree days of being a single guy? For auto enthusiasts, such memories might include a low-slung, two-seat, curve-carving convertible, or a tire-shredding rear-wheel-drive muscle car. After becoming a dad, with the buckling of car seats and a trunk full of strollers and toys and way too much other stuff, those days can seem lost forever...

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How to Get More Time Off For Travel…Without Taking Time Off

Like to have more time to travel but work gets in the way? Well, it turns out, your company would probably like you to have more time to travel too—or at least, time away from the office that ensures work and life are kept in balance. That’s the idea behind flex time. A recent survey by Working Mother magazine took a look at how men take flex time—that take-it-when-you-need-it, work-where-you-work-best idea that has become so popular, especially with younger people and working parents. Many companies have formal flex policies, while others take a more casual approach. But in all, most...

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Dads–and Moms–Can Help Calm the Chaos of Back-to-School with VolunteerSpot

This post is sponsored by VolunteerSpot and TravelingMom We know it’s coming, every autumn – that crush of back-to-school craziness that takes over and makes our heads spin with trying to figure out who is supposed to be where and when. Does he have everything he needs for football practice? Does she have her dance shoes on and hair done? Has anybody finished their homework? Where am I supposed to be going again?? Dads and Moms all know that one of the biggest keys to making the transition from summertime slouch to fall frenzy is delegation. That’s the whole...

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My Ideal WDW Trip (Part 1)

Growing up in Southern California, going to Disneyland was an annual event for my family. My father received discount tickets for the whole family so we could go the last weekend of every January. Since about the time I became somewhat aware of the world around me, I was fully convinced that going to Disneyland at the same time as my birthday meant that the Park and I had a special connection. I became a fan of the Walt Disney Company from a very early age. Just after turning 22, I went to work at Disneyland, where I stayed for just over a...

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Observations From a Dad on a Summer Family Road Trip

Being the new guy here, I decided to simply document a recent trip and explore openly some of the observations and thoughts that crossed my mind as a dad on a summer family road trip. I had been looking forward to this trip for well over a month. There were opportunities to reunite with family members, some I have not seen in over 20 years. As well as revisit some familiar stomping grounds from my youth. This trip also gave me a chance to introduce my wife and daughter to family and surroundings they have never had the privilege...

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How to Bond Like a Man

No matter how much we love the women and children in our lives, all men need male bonding time every now and then, primo moments when we fart, belch, tell crude jokes and generally just be a guy. My time comes once a year on a weekend baseball trip with several other guys, both old friends and new. This year, we hopped onboard an Amtrak at Union Station in Chicago and headed to St. Louis for a Cardinals-Cubs game. OK. We really went for the farting, belching and bawdy humor. We could have been heading to the Bowling Hall of...

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