Greg Stump

Greg Stump

Greg Stump is married to Traveling Mom Nasreen Stump. Together they have 4 kids- a 14 year old boy, 7 year old girl, 5 year old girl, and 1 year old boy. By day Greg is a paramedic for a large county service in Texas. Working a 48 hour on 96 hour off schedule Greg attempts to squeeze in as much outdoor/adventure/nature travel as possible into his days off. He thinks the ideal vacation is either walking a busy city center and eating all the things or being dropped by helicopter into the remote wilderness and not seeing another human being for a week. He also loves Disney more than he cares to admit. Greg writes about adventure travel, travel with a wide range of kids, medical travel and all the ways to keep your family safe and sound while on the road.

11 Things NOT to Do at Santa’s Wonderland

Santa’s Wonderland is a behemoth of the Texas Christmas light scene. In fact it is the BIGGEST Christmas attraction in Texas. It began as a drive thru Texas Christmas light attraction and grew into the type of theme park that would make Clark Griswold proud. It draws Texans from far and wide to its delightful explosion of Christmas Cheer. The idea of a visit can be overwhelming so I’ll run through the Don’t Do’s but first let me give you some Christmas background on my family so you know what we’re dealing with. Christmas in the Stump household can be...

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What to Pack for Disney With A Baby or Toddler

The most magical place on earth- that’s the Disney promise. You know what spoils the magic really fast? An angry baby. If you’re planning to head to Disney with a baby check out this packing list and go into the trip prepared. So you have decided to venture into the world’s most visited theme park with the baby, by yourself.  Knowing that you just committed yourself to a full day of a 1:1 adult/baby ratio in the most stimulating environment imaginable, you think to yourself “Hmmm…  I may need to plan for this.”  And you are right.  You do...

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Snowmobile Rentals In Stowe Vermont: Adventure on Mount Mansfield

Vermont is a winter wonderland. Snowmobile rentals, snowshoeing, ice climbing? You’ll want to try it all but do you have the gear? When making your things to do in Vermont winter list add Stowe and Mount Mansfield to it. Snowmobile rentals with Snowmobile Vermont include gear and knowledgeable tour guides. Things to Do in Vermont? Everything winter! One of my more unusual quirks? Despite living in New England for the first 33 years of my life, I don’t ski or snowboard.  Furthermore I still claim winter as my favorite season.  Ice climbing in the mountains, snow shoeing, or most...

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Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion Symptoms to Memorize for Safety

Summer fun usually involves the summer sun. Do you know how to spot heat related illness? Knowing symptoms of heat stroke, heat exhaustion symptoms and what to do in case of an emergency will insure that you have a fun safe summer! As a paramedic in Southeast Texas heat related illnesses and emergencies are common sights occurring year round. Coming up on the busy summer travel season a big part of safety is knowing and recognizing the signs and symptoms of heat related illness. Humidity (often found in coastal areas) can significantly increase how hot a day “feels”. It...

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Can You Travel with Dementia? What You Need to Know!

A dementia diagnosis can change the lives of all involved- patient & family alike. After you finish thinking through how day to day life will work with this diagnosis your mind may wander to travel. Is traveling with Alzheimer’s or travel with dementia even still possible? If you and your loved one enjoyed globetrotting, road tripping, or just had that one special vacation spot that you went to year after year, it may actually be very beneficial to both of you to get out and travel again. Traveling with Alzheimer’s- Assess the Situation Be realistic. This is probably the...

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Prevent a Missing Child: 7 Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids Today

A missing child. It’s every parents worst nightmare. You’re out in a crowd with your kids and suddenly your child is gone. If they get lost does your kiddo know what to do? Prepare your lost child with easy safety tips. No One Wants an Unprepared Missing Child. As parents we are always keeping kids safe. As soon as we see that positive pregnancy test we are shopping for a child safety kit and baby proofing. We buy the safest car seats and learn how to properly install them. Babysitters are interviewed, day cares are researched and finding a...

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A Travel Emergency: When Life and Death Intersect

For whatever reason, each one of my children have decided to enter the world in their very own dramatic way.  None of them wanted to follow the trail blazed before them and decided that their own birth experience should be entirely different from that of their siblings.  The birth of my 3rd child, a darling little girl that we shall call Baby S, was full of excitement and “flair” like the others, but with wildly different circumstances that her Grandpa’s travel emergency helped her out with. This post is sponsored by Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company) and I...

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Watch Vs Warning: What You Need to Know Plus Flood Safety Tips

G.I. Joe taught us that “knowing is half the battle” and the Boy Scouts followed up that lesson with “Be Prepared.”  With those wise words echoing are you really prepared? Quick: Watch vs. warning. What’s the difference? Most folks don’t know. Read on for a full watch vs warning explanation and bonus flash flood safety tips. Flash Flooding Happens in a Flash: Don’t Underestimate the Weather Large swathes of the good ‘ol US of A are prone to flash flooding. Those who don’t live in flood regions may not fully appreciate the sheer gravity of flash flooding. Throw in...

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Safety First When Taking Texas Bluebonnet Pictures

Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes wildflowers. As spring creeps into Texas ahead of the rest of the country roadways explode in color with bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes and many more colorful flowers. Also exploding? A total disregard for safety as people clamor to get the perfect bluebonnet pictures. Bluebonnet Season in Central Texas Bluebonnet Season (or what most of the U.S. would call “spring”) becomes a conquest of sorts in Central Texas. Much like the infamous “leaf peepers” of New England, Texas has its own breed of hard-core, never say die, and perhaps even fanatical seasonal botany...

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