Dan Miller

Dan Miller

Dan Miller generally writes over at Points With a Crew about how families (especially larger families) can travel for free or cheap. Feel free to contact him via email at dan@pointswithacrew.com or on Twitter at @PointsWithACrew. He loves helping families travel and is more than happy to answer specific questions.

The difference between a layover, a stopover and an open jaw flight

Sometimes there is confusion about airline flight terms.  Layover, stopover and open jaw are three of the more common ones.  These are typically used with booking award tickets, but they can also be true when booking regular (cash) tickets.  I know that when I was first starting out, back before I did my first ever credit card churn or my first trip I got for (almost) free with miles and points, I remember seeing these terms and not understanding what they meant. Definition of a layover A layover is often called just a connection, and it’s the easiest one to explain.  Any time you’re not making a nonstop (direct) flight, you’ll have a layover or connection, often-times in the hub of the airline on which you’re flying. This is especially common when you live in a non-hub airport. In most cases, unless I am flying TO the hub of a particular airport, I have to connect.  When we went on our trip to Miami back in 2014, we flew on US Airways (now part of American Airlines), and connected in Charlotte (then a US Airways hub) Definition of a stopover A stopover is exactly like a layover, just a little bit longer :-).  Typically a layover is anything less than 4 hours domestically, or less than 24 hours internationally.  With paid tickets, it’s harder to book a stopover (it usually just counts...

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New York City pizza tour review

While my daughter and I were in New York City a few months ago, we decided to take a New York City pizza tour.  Our family loves pizza (who doesn’t!) and one of our favorite family traditions is homemade pizza every week.  After doing a bit of research, we decided on Scott’s Pizza Tours, a company based in Manhattan that runs a variety of different pizza tours.  Our tickets were $40 and take you to 3 different pizzerias in New York.  1 child 4 years old or younger can come for free per paying adult (As long as you...

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How to get World Series hotel deals 50% off (or more!)

With the 2016 World Series ongoing, many fans of either the Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians are buying tickets as well as traveling to either Chicago or Cleveland to watch their team.  Personally, being originally from Cleveland, I am looking forward to the Indians trying to capture their first World Series title since 1948.  Cubs fans have an even longer drought, as the Cubs last won the Series in 1908. With median ticket prices for Games 3-5 pushing over $1000, fans are looking for any way they can to cut down on expenses.  And while there aren’t a ton...

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I Was on Wheel of Fortune. Here’s What Happened.

A few years ago, I was one of the lucky few to be selected to appear on an episode of Wheel of Fortune Although millions of people apply to be on Wheel of Fortune each year, only a very small percentage of those people are actually able to make it on the show. To get on Wheel of Fortune, I filled out a form on their website, then a few months later got an email inviting me to an audition in Louisville.  There, with about 100 other people, I participated in mock games and other interviews with WoF staff....

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