Dan Miller

Dan Miller

Dan Miller generally writes over at Points With a Crew about how families (especially larger families) can travel for free or cheap. Feel free to contact him via email at dan@pointswithacrew.com or on Twitter at @PointsWithACrew. He loves helping families travel and is more than happy to answer specific questions.

How to Use Hotel Points When Hotels Are Selling Out

As a traveling dad, one of the biggest costs of traveling with a family ends up being your lodging costs.  This is especially true for our family since as a larger family (there are 8 of us), we often have to get TWO hotel rooms instead of one.  One of the things that we do is use points earned from hotel credit cards to help offset these lodging costs.  While hotel points can be super useful at any time, one of my best tips for using hotel points is to use them during peak travel times.  Because most hotels...

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