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With over 400,000 Subscribers and closing in on 45 million channel views, father of two Daymon Patterson has been deemed the "voice of the people" when it comes to food reviews. Check out his YouTube channel here: DaymDrops

The Traveling Dad Video Guide to Toy Story Land With Daym Drops

The Traveling Dad Video Guide to Disney Toy Story Land is not the definitive guide to Toy Story Land but it’s certainly among the first — a Traveling Mom/Traveling Dad delegation was embedded at the worldwide media preview of the new land at Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios the weekend of June 29 — and it will certainly be the only guide featuring Traveling Dad senior entertainment correspondent at large Daymon Patterson, known the world over as well as throughout the Dagobah System as Daym Drops. It’s not easy to get a gratuitous “Star Wars” reference into a...

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Daym Drops In On The Wyndham Lake Buena Vista

If you’re not as impressed as we are that Traveling Dad Daymon Patterson (aka Daym Drops) keyed himself into his Wyndham Lake Buena Vista hotel room on his first try, then either you’re not easily wowed or you’d just as soon not admit that it takes you several attempts to open a door. But we digress. During a recent visit to Orlando’s Disney Springs (the region formerly known as Downtown Disney), Daym did an overnight at the Wyndham. Watch his super official room tour, enjoy the singular Daym Drops perspective on everything from the size of the ironing board to the springiness of...

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Daym Drops: Super Official Greeting from Disney Springs

Over Daym’s shoulder is the Earl of Sandwich, home to the Original 1762. Roasted beef. Cheddar. Horseradish sauce. Effortlessly coming together on a soft toasted roll. Effortlessly. Sorry. We’re digressing. Daym Drops, with his daughter in tow, is checking in from Orlando’s Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) and has something to say about making...

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Daym Drops: 3 Things Traveling Dads Should ALWAYS Have on Them

YouTube Food Titan and Traveling Dad Daym Drops doesn’t just stare at his fingernails while waiting for his plane to pull into the gate. He charges his gadgets (notice in the photo above that he’s not hogging the entire outlet, thank you very much) *and* he takes the time to file a post: “I figured I would submit a piece since I’m sitting here at the airport getting ready to fly out to L.A.,” he wrote.  So here now, the top three things Daym says a Traveling Dad should ALWAYS have on him. 1. Fast Charger. All of us need that FAST RECHARGE...

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Daym Drops: Walt Disney World At A Glance

Quite simply, I call this one “Disney at a Glance,” covering the whirlwind of activities the Traveling Dads indulged in during the last weekend in February. As you well know there are many different areas for families to enjoy throughout Walt Disney World and this video barely scratches the surface. Still, it will give you some insight, Daym Drops style, into the many wonders that Disney has to offer....

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Daym Drops Tells A Tale of Two Chevys: Tahoe and Test Track

So here’s the Tale of Two Chevys… … the first half of the video is a quick once-over of the 2016 Chevy Tahoe (interior only) that Kim Orlando is driving and the rest of the video focuses on my objective of finding some of the fastest rides in Walt Disney World. With Kim, Chris Clarke, and Rick Gerrity in tow I found Chevy Test Track, also located in Epcot (heading towards the BIG GLOBE). The lines were flooded and we had the option to go alone or as a team of four. We went as a team and the speed was not compromised!...

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My Man, Is This Seaweed? Daym Drops Takes On A Veggie Stir Fry At Walt Disney World Epcot

One of my objectives while at Walt Disney World with the Traveling Dad crew was to find healthier food options at the parks, which would have been all well and good if I didn’t have a secondary objective: Find that food in an empty (or near-empty) restaurant where C-Snacks and I could get served quickly and hear each other talk. This was no easy task. However, with some strategic stumbling around, we came upon Nine Dragons Restaurant in Epcot’s China pavilion across from the main performance area. Nine Dragons literally had 10 other people inside, and we’re talking the middle of...

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YouTube Phenom Daym Drops: Top 5 Travel Snacks

{With this post, Daymon “Daym Drops” Patterson joins Traveling Dad…. we look forward to having him as a contributor and you can see a lot more of him in the meantime at the Daym Drops YouTube Channel.} As a dad on the go, it’s important that my children have what they need when we’re traveling. With my oldest daughter now in college, she doesn’t get to travel with me as often, so our snack selection on the road is geared toward our 3-year-old. We keep the following for her in a Little Playmate cooler: Poland Spring. Mini water bottles that she can comfortably hold....

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