Road Trip with Teens to Charleston SC – City of Churches, Beaches and History

In the annals of travel tragedies, surely the fact that my family lived in South Carolina for three years before heading to the lovely Charleston area for a long weekend ranks high on that list.  That’s 1,095 days of tragedy, if you’re counting, but on the upside it gives us a long time to remedy the errors of our ways. Although Charleston is accessible, don’t forget it is on a peninsula so roads and traffic are always an issue. To avoid wasting time in city traffic, we counter-intuitively stayed in a hotel in the city of North Charleston, near...

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Loving Walt Disney World and Avoiding Overdosing: Offsite at Wyndham Garden LBV

Walt Disney World is an awesome place. No ifs or ands.  But, well, there are some buts. One example? I love Disney but don’t want to eat, drink, breathe, absorb and excrete it for the entirety of my vacation. So, isn’t there someplace where I can escape for a while? No Mickey, no Donald, no need for this sweaty Magic Band? Well, yes. Fortunately there are a variety of lodging options in and around Walt Disney World that don’t shout Disney 24/7/365 (and may be easier on your pocketbook). But first – you need to give yourself permission to not...

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The Chevy Malibu Teen Driving System Is A Worthy Teaching Tool

It’s been three years since my oldest child started driving. And I still haven’t stopped pushing the invisible brake pedal on my side of the car when she’s behind the wheel. In addition to the huge insurance rate hike that came with a new teen driver came a significant portion of my gray hair — I’m pretty sure I had all brown hair three years ago. And now her younger sister just got her learner’s permit. Hello, is this Just For Men? I’d like to buy some stock. Please? Seriously – putting someone who’s only been on the planet...

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios: The Best Views We’d Rather Not Share

It won’t surprise anyone who knows me that my favorite place at Walt Disney World is not the one with Cinderella’s castle or the futuristic globe. It’s the one with the movies and the rock n’roll. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is my kind of place, and it’s become more realistic to spend time here now that all my kids are  in double digits. I haven’t yet persuaded them to worship Aerosmith, but hope springs eternal. Just like in the movies, it’s the sights at Hollywood that get me excited – I love the foreboding shadow of the Tower of Terror and the...

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Panasonic Home Monitoring System: Peace of Mind While Traveling

When you’re away from home – especially when you’re on the road – knowing your home is secure and your family is “watched over” is, well, priceless. But you can have this peace of mind for a price… a reasonable one. Setting up a Panasonic KX-HN6002W Home Monitoring System is not only pain-free and easy, but it’s $300 well spent. The whole system sets up in less than 20 minutes. The first step is to connect the base to your home’s Wi-Fi, then load the Panasonic Monitoring App on your phone. Once those steps are complete you can watch the video feed directly from your phone...

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Packing in RBH Luggage: The Traveling Dad Review

I’ve logged thousands of miles traveling on business, including 20+ trips to Europe from the West Coast…all in a two-year time span. So when it comes to packing, I hope you won’t mind if I qualify myself as an expert. By now I know what I like and don’t like in a piece of luggage. I’ve also worn out (with “help” from the airlines) more than a few pieces of traditional luggage. In this video, I share my thoughts about the Ricardo Beverly Hills – Roxbury 2.0 21-inch hard case carry-on. And as a bonus I’m sharing my secret for how to...

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