Brandon Billinger

Brandon Billinger

Brandon, AKA The Rookie Dad, is a working father of two.  He hails from Kansas City, the heart of the U.S. where it is easy to travel to just about anywhere in the United States. He has traveled the length of I-70 through Kansas and all the way to east coast, and hopes in the near future to travel it to the west coast. He offers tips and tricks for people traveling to the Midwest and believes that it is one of the most under traveled destinations.

Wichita: Your Transportation Museum Hub

It’s known as the Air Capital of the World. While the aviation industry might seem that it is on the decline regarding building aircraft, centrally located Wichita, Kansas is still a hotbed for the industry. Hosting Textron Aviation (formally Beechcraft and Cessna), Learjet, Airbus, and Spirit AeroSystems still operate facilities in Wichita. It all began back in 1917 when Clyde Cessna built the Cessna Comet, the first aircraft built in Wichita. Then in the 1920’s saw the take off of both Beechcraft and Stearman Aircraft and quickly their after the Aeronautical Chamber Of Commerce dubbed Wichita the Air Capital...

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Baseball: Bringing Three Generations Of A Family Together

I am sitting in the front seat of the family Toyota Camry. The roadmap is open with a highlighted route that I had chosen for us to take on our trip to Denver. It was a journey that we had made several times, in fact, once a summer it felt like. There weren’t many different ways from our small town in western Kansas to get to Denver, but we made it a point to take as many routes as we could. Once, even stopping at Amance Internment Camp outside of Granada, Colorado. The reason for our yearly trek to...

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The Plaza Art Fair: Kansas City’s Way To Bring In Fall

240 Artists and three music stages all converge on 55-acres just 4 miles south of downtown Kansas City on the Country Club Plaza. Those 240 artists celebrate the unofficial beginning of Fall in Kansas City.Along with the crowd of 240,000 that converge on “the plaza” as the locals call it. The Plaza, 4-miles south of downtown Kansas City was established in 1922 and architecturally based in Seville, Spain. One of the things that you will quickly notice is that “The Plaza” is not a plaza after all. There are over 30 statues, murals, and tile mosaics in the area....

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Packing For Four And A Dog In A Toyota Prius

I take packing a car seriously. It has taken a few road trips with multiple suitcases to get to this point, but I know just how to pack it all in. I have learned the in’s and out’s of our little Toyota Prius and its 14.4 cubic feet of cargo space. That was until we had our fourth. The baby might be the smallest of the bunch, but he also requires a suitcase just for him, a pack and play, stroller, and a car seat. Don’t forget the diaper bag or you might be up a creek whenever you...

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