Dads, do you remember when your grandpa would go to the barbershop for a straight razor shave?  When I was younger, I used to visit the barber shop with my grandpa.  He would get his haircut and a straight razor shave.  It was an awesome to watch and stroke my peach-fuzz.  When I visited Disney Springs a few months back I stumbled upon a taste of nostalgia at The Art of Shaving.

After spending a few days at Walt Disney World parents can be a bit overwhelmed.   My suggestions is send mom to the spa or to get a massage at your resort.  Dad, head over to The Art of Shaving for a straight razor shave by a master barber.

If you are looking for an awesome shave The Art of Shaving Disney Springs is for you! Check out my Art of Shaving Disney Springs Vlog.

The Art of Shaving Disney Springs

When I visited Disney Springs a few months ago, my brother-in-law was also in town for a conference. He decided to get a straight razor shave at The Art of Shaving. Master barbers are staffed at every Art of Shaving, to ensure a good clean shave. Also, it sells products for shaving and beards.

Here are few tips for visiting The Art of Shaving.

  1. Book a shave online. – Your best bet is to book online.  Booking online is fastest and most convenient to secure a spot.
  2. Arrive and check-in 15 minutes early. – If you are coming over to Disney Springs from any of the resorts, catch a bus. If you stay close to Disney Springs you can walk over as well.
  3. Pick up some products. – Pick up some beard oil, shaving cream, and razors inside the retail area of The Art of Shaving.
  4. After your shave, grab a drink across the sidewalk. – Patrons of The Art of Shave get a discount at the restaurant right across the way.
  5. Most importantly enjoy your “man” time. – Whether it be your man time or alone time, enjoy it.

5 tips for visiting the art of shaving

What do you like to do with your man time?