Are there Adult Activities on a Disney Cruise?

There are plenty of articles covering the plethora of activities for kids on a Disney Cruise, but what about adult activities? Entertainment for adults abound aboard a Disney Cruise, and what a wonderful surprise it was to this dad to discover during a 3-day cruise on the Disney Dream with my wife and preschool boys. I’ve been on almost a dozen cruises throughout the world, but this was my first Disney Cruise and I didn’t expect to have as much fun as my twin boys did.

Serenity Bay at Castaway Cay, Bahamas

Serenity Bay is the adult beach at the Castaway Cay port of call on the Disney Cruise Line

Serenity Bay is the adult beach at the Castaway Cay port of call on the Disney Cruise Line

There are three beaches on Disney’s private Bahamian island, Castaway Cay. One is for families, one is for cabana guests and Serenity Bay meanwhile is the beach for adults. There is a tram that takes you from the other beaches to Serenity Bay and they do enforce the “adult” only part. As we boarded the tram, a group of young teenagers boarded the tram and the driver reminded the passengers that the beach was for “18 and older guests.” He didn’t leave until the young teens got off. Nice try fellas.

I expected it to be crowded, but there were plenty of chairs and umbrellas, all gratis of course, so you don’t have to worry about fighting crowds or bringing your own. Hammocks also line the beach in case you find that a pool chair might be considered roughing it for your Caribbean vacay.

Lunch is served at Serenity Bay, so you don’t have to leave the area if you plan to stay for a while. Live musicians play fun music while you enjoy BBQ sandwiches, quinoa, hamburgers and steak.

There is a bar overlooking the transparent waters, although servers come to your chairs delivering drinks, as well. My margarita was tasty and my wife seemed to enjoy her Bahama Mama cocktail judging by the growing smiles on her face  as she drank it.

Serenity Bay Snorkeling

The waters were calm and you can’t swim outside of the barriers, so you don’t really need flippers. I did take a snorkel mask and am glad I did. While snorkeling, I saw a large sting ray with a colorful, tropical fish floating above him the entire time. Also, barracuda fish are aplenty and come up to you to appease their own curiosity.

They are fearless, which makes them a bit creepy but I’ve never been harmed by them in the past so just kept swimming along. There aren’t reefs and the water is super transparent, as illustrated below. Not a ton to see at this beach – if you’re looking for a snorkel adventure, you might want to try the other beaches at Castaway Cay. This beach is to relax without hearing crying, whining or screaming kids. I can still hear the serenity in my head now. Peace and quiet…..yes. My wife, meanwhile, rented an inner tube and floated out in the sun.

Disney Cruise Fitness & Gym

File Aug 20, 1 24 20 PMSince most people trade in their spoons for shovels – myself included – at the buffet, it makes sense to spend some time in the gym. The best part of the Disney Dream gym is the view since you’re on the top deck of the ship with plenty of windows looking out.

They have various cardio and exercise equipment, free weights and spinning cycles for the spinning classes. If you’re looking for group classes, pay attention to the schedules – the morning usually has all the events. If you forget your headphones, like I did, ask at the front desk of the spa and they’ll lend you a set – after they sanitize it, no doubt.


Disney Cruise Senses Spa and Salon

Senses Salon and Spa awaits to pamper you

Senses Salon and Spa awaits to pamper you


I wouldn’t consider myself a “spa guy.” Would any guy? Well, that’s neither here nor there because I went into the spa and had that clueless look on my face – kind of how I look when I watch the Olympic sport of curling. The attendants at the spa immediately recognized that bewilderment expression and took me under their wing.

They led me to the verandah, where hot tubs sat in front of floor-to-ceiling windows. Therma beds aligned the back wall, a place to rest on a heated surface. Several couples took the opportunity for a cat nap on them.

Towards the back was the hot steam room bath, tiled sauna and aromatic showers. The staff explained the Rainforest treatment, starting with the sauna, then a skin scrub in the steam room, then a shower in one of the three options. Each shower offers different types of aromatherapy, with varying water temperature. You leave feeling like a million bucks.

Disney Cruise Adult Dining Options

The Disney Dream has two adults-only restaurants: Remy’s and Palo. Both are for an additional charge but are well

Palo, one of the two adult restaurants

Palo, one of the two adult restaurants

worth it. We dined at Palo, which translated means pole in Italian, inspired by the gondola poles in Venice, Italy. The menu reflects a similar pasta and seafood fare found in Northern Italy.

They have a more formal dress code so leave the shorts and flip-flops behind. Most guys were in pants and button down shirts, some had jackets. I wore a suit without the tie and was in the minority.

The service was impeccable (shout out to our awesome server, Nik, from Serbia). In between courses, a violinist maneuvered the aisles, dodging tables as she played beautiful classical music. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and was more romantic than anything I could have planned for my wife back home.

Fine dining at Palo Restaurant, atop the Disney Dream

Fine dining at Palo Restaurant, atop the Disney Dream

In terms of the food, I recommend the angosta lobster pasta and the sole fish. Nik de-boned it at the table and it was amazing. A sommelier is there to offer wine recommendations and food pairings, as well.

Palo has brunch and dinner and is for age 18+. It is $25 per person (plus tip). If you don’t want to miss dinner with your kids, try brunch.

Remy has a champagne brunch ($50+tip) and dinner ($75+tip). Both places have a dress code. If you feel like Italian, go to Palo; for French-inspired, visit Remy.

Disney Cruise Final Dad Thoughts

Best of all, I was able to enjoy all these activities knowing that our kids were in good hands and having fun at the Oceaneers Kids Club.  There was no guilt leaving them behind because they had so much fun on their own. The kids club gives you a cell phone so they can reach you should there be a need. Thankfully, there were no issues and we were able to have fun frolicking while they did the same.

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