Adopt your very own banshee from Pandora!

adopt a banshee pandora world of avatar

Deep within Windtraders merchandise store, Pandora explorers will find an Ikran (Banshee) Rookery.

Banshee Rookery in Windtraders at Pandora: World of Avatar

The Banshee Rookery in Windtraders in Pandora: World of Avatar

Typically, you will run into the Banshee Rookery and adopt a banshee after riding Flight of Passage, since it routes you directly through Windtraders to exit the ride. It would be hard to miss the Rookery, but it’s directly to your right just before exiting the store.

The banshees cost $49.95 and you can get a display perch for the banshee to sit on. However, it’s obvious as you explore Pandora that these creatures were meant to perch on your shoulder.

Adopt a Banshee in Pandora: World of Avatar

The banshee includes a remote control that allows you to move the puppet’s head to the left and right, as well as open it’s mouth.

Cast Members will tell you that these are not actual banshees, rather they are exact replica puppets that allow us to further study the strange beasts. They really are quite realistic!

Adopt a Banshee

You go through a (rather short) adoption process in the Rookery before purchasing your banshee that is supposed to allow the banshee to “bond” with you as the new owner. My daughter thought it was pretty cool and I guess that’s what matters. Check out our video when she went through this ceremony.

Adopting a banshee was so popular during the opening of Pandora: World of Avatar that Disney has actually temporarily sold out of this unique toy. When asked, Cast Members will say that new banshees should be “flying into Windtraders, soon.” After more research, it appears that “soon” means 2-3 weeks, so don’t plan to adopt a banshee in Pandora until at least July 2017.

Ikran | Mountain Banshee

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