Baseball is America’s favorite past time and I grew up playing baseball. I love playing baseball and I love going to Arlington to catch a Texas Rangers baseball game. But living in Austin, Texas we have an awesome Triple A affiliate of the Texas Rangers just a few miles up the road in Round Rock, Texas.  The Round Rock Express call Round Rock, Texas home and play at the Dell Diamond. Minor League Baseball in Round Rock has a huge fan base and it is a great experience for families. Every season we like to catch a few games but being busy with work and 3 kids means going out for every game can be a challenge.  We usually catch about 4-5 games a season.

Round Rock Texas Mural. Photo: Josh Rodriguez

baseball game

Santiago before the game. Photo: Josh Rodriguez

Mom and Dad at the Round Rock Express game. Photo: Josh Rodriguez

Last Express Game of the 2017 Season

Games are extremely entertaining for the whole family. We have gone with the whole family and a few times I have taken just my oldest boy. Most recently we went out to catch one of the last games before the season ended. I’m not sure how everyone else does it but in Texas, it’s sunflower seeds, hotdogs, snocones, cotton candy, soda, and beer that make the experience!

Most times it is not about which team actually wins or loses, it’s about having fun with dad at the game. With 3 kids, having one-on-one time with Dad is extremely important to me. The whole experience and ritual of going to the game is what makes outings like this very memorable.

My oldest sometimes doesn’t get enough attention because he is the oldest and can be self-sufficient. We rely on him being able to do things for himself which lets me and mom focus on baby boy and baby girl. Taking him out alone and being able to do things one-on-one with him makes me happy and he gets the attention he needs.

One of our rituals is sneaking in some snacks to the game. We always stop by a convenience store on the way to pick up some sunflower seeds and my sons favorite snack, gummy worms.  Don’t tell on us but we sneak our snacks in and enjoy the game. Sitting in the stands while we are enjoying the game we like to talk about life. We talk about everything from what is going on at school and at home to what we have coming up.  I like to take this time to encourage him and tell him how much I love him.

Sitting in the stands on a hot Texas night watching a game we couldn’t care less about, and just enjoying each others company is a memory I will treasure forever.

What kinds of places do you visit to bond with your kids?