Last weekend family and I jumped into the truck and headed Southbound on IH 35 to visit The DoSeum. The DoSeum is located on 2800 Broadway San Antonio, Texas.

The DoSeum is San Antonio’s museum for kids. It is a super fun, interactive place for kids.  Featured exhibits include a sensation studio so kids can interactive with sound and video.  A spy academy to help kids hone in on their spy skills.

In addition, The DoSeum has a special place for the toddlers, named Little Town. Little Town is has buildings, roads, street furniture, stop signs—even miniature birds and squirrels in dioramas. Kids can go crazy in a pint sized area just for them. The kids loved the miniature airplane the most.

My kids enjoyed it and really loved being able to run free in a safe environment.

5 Tips for Visiting The DoSeum

  1. Arrive early.
    A friend of mine gave me the best advice of arriving as early as possible.  When we visited we arrived at 9:30 A.M. and it was already busy.  The best time to visit especially during the summer is right as it opens.  At 9 A.M. it isn’t as busy and you get to have most the museum to yourself.  Once 11 A.M. rolled around, the museum was extra busy. There was a line to get into Tiny Town thats hos busy it got.
  2. Bring a Snack.
    A cafe is located inside but my suggestion is to bring a snack if you can.  Bring a snack sit outside and the let the kids run wild while you enjoy a quick snack. And like my kids, they usually take one bite of their snack then go play and then come back for another bite.
  3. Let the Kids Play.
    Most of the time the kids can just run and play.  Also, It is almost impossible for a kid to wonder out by themselves. The staff pays extra close attention to kids exiting and making sure they are leaving with an adult.  Also, the play area outside is complete blocked off that means no escaping.
  4. Bring Extra Money for Souvenirs.
    The gift shop has some cool stuff for the kiddos to take home. Bring a little extra money for some fun souvenirs. Also, be sure to spend a good 30 minutes in The DoSeum Store. There is a lot of stuff to look at. And decisions for the little ones can be tough.
  5. Bring a swimsuit and towel.
    Along with being a fun interactive museum, there is a separate splash pad area for the kids to play in.  If it’s a hot summer day bring a towel and swimsuit.  Or if you are fearless parent let them play in their clothes.  We had to drive home back to Austin, Texas.  So a change of closed is necessary for us.

 Admission and Hours Info

Monday – Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sundays: 12pm-5pm
Sunday Members-only Hour: 11am-12pm

Youth under 1 year of age: Free
Visitors: $12

Also, ask for the active discounts The DoSeum offers.

*Military: Active duty military personnel will receive $1 off admission. Please bring a valid military ID to redeem discount. Tickets must be purchased in person at the front desk.

*Educators: Teachers and educators will receive $1 off admission with valid educator’s ID. Tickets must be purchased in person at the front desk.

Have you been to The DoSeum?