Disclosure: The Fitbit Charge 2 mentioned below was provided by the manufacturer for review in this article. However, my opinions can never be bought.


As a traveler, I need things to be simple and serve a purpose. Especially with gadgets I bring along: if I pack and try to maintain things that don’t add value to my trip, they aren’t brought along. Also, I’m a tech-forward kind of guy as I rely upon gadgets to keep me on time, in the right place and entertained along the way.

This is why the Fitbit Charge 2 is my wearable of choice. The Charge 2 debuted in late 2016 and is first considered a fitness tracker. However, I’d rather have a Charge 2 over another wearable such as an Apple Watch. Why? Well there are five reasons, let’s walk through each of them one by one:

Amazing Battery Life

My Fitbit Charge 2 lasts me between 5 and 7 days on one charge. Most smartwatches including the Apple Watch needs to be charged daily, meaning it’s one more thing you need to remember to plug in each night. When you’re on the go and seeing the sights, constantly charging can be a drag.

With the Fit Notification app on my Android phone, I can get every notification from my Android on my wrist. Normally Fitbit only allows for call and text notifications, but with Fit Notification, I can get calendar reminders, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger notifications and more. Mean

Reminders to Move

There’s a feature on Fitbit where you can have it remind you to move if you’ve been sitting for too long. When I’m sitting around on vacation, it’s easy for me to get lazy and not get my body moving like I should. The reminder, which I have set to ping me between 9:00 and 6:00 each day, buzzes on my wrist and challenges me to get 150 steps in the next 10 minutes (which isn’t hard to do at all). I like this reminder and appreciate my Fitbit not letting me become lazy. 🙂

Inexpensive Changeable Bands

If you’re a fashionable guy or gal, you’ll appreciate that the Fitbit Charge 2 has interchangeable bands to make the tracker look fancy or more sporty. Or if you’re changing colors in your dress, you can change the Fitbit’s band accordingly. Pretty snazzy. Also, whereas the Apple Watch Bands can be $100 or more, the Charge 2 bands are between $7-15 on Amazon, so you can buy multiple bands to change throughout the week (or day if you so choose!)

Challenges With Others

Fitbit has built some social features into their app and website. By friending other Fitbit owners, you can challenge them to competitions. Wanna get your heart rate up while on vacation? Send out a “Weekend Warrior” challenge to your family/friends and see who can get the most steps that weekend. These are fun – especially when you check the status a few times each day to see your rank and whether you need to step up, literally!

Tracks Steps *and* Sleep

Sure, smart watches and devices can track steps. That’s not new and is table stakes for trackers these days. The Fitbit goes one step further and tracks sleep as well so you know the length and quality of your sleep sessions. This is super important if you’re looking to stay on top of your rest patterns and ensure you’re getting enough sleep while on vacation.

Do you have a wearable that you like for travel? What’s your favorite aspect of it?