Every so often a person gets the chance to travel alone. Most recently I traveled to Walt Disney World for a preview of Pandora: World of Avatar.  You can read all about the Traveling Dad experience, THE TRAVELING DAD GUIDE TO PANDORA: THE WORLD OF AVATAR.
5 best things to do while solo at Walt Disney World.

While I was there enjoying Pandora, I had a few hours to myself and was able to see Disney from a whole different perspective.

5 Best Things to Do While Solo At Walt Disney World

  1. Enjoy the parks leisurely – there is something to be said about not having to stick to a nap schedule and having the ability to just roam around.  If you get to visit any of the parks just walk around and have fun. Ride a  roller coaster you aren’t able to if you have kids with you.  I got to ride Expedition Everest for the first time ever! It was a trip! Also, enjoy walking around and not having to worry about nap times.  I also got to eat whenever and whatever I wanted.
  2. Have a drink – One of my favorites.  Along with being able to eat what ever I wanted to eat I got to enjoy a few adult beverages.  By all means don’t go out and get hammered at the parks. But if the mood strikes grab a drink.  If you are visiting Pandora inside Animal Kingdom be sure and try the new Hawkes’ Grog Ale

    Or if you aren’t that adventurous stop in and grab a beer with lunch.

    There are a ton of places to grab a drink check out Traveling Dads Complete Guide to Drinking at Walt Disney World.
  3. Visit Disney Springs – Check out the all new Disney Springs formerly known as “Downtown Disney.”  Haven’t been by lately?  There is so much new stuff. Tons of new shops, new attractions and also just a short walk over the pedestrian bridge from Wyndham Lake Buena Vista you can get to any of the parks via the bus from Disney Springs.  I grabbed lunch and walked around  a bit.  Since I didn’t have the kids with me I was able to visit Sosa Family Cigar Company. Sosa Family Cigar Company is located at Disney Springs and visitors can buy a cigar from their selection of cigars and smoke them right there in store.  If you prefer a drink with your cigar you can walk right across the walk way to the Cuban restaurant.  They allow you to sit in the patio area and enjoy your cigar with a ice cold adult beverage.

    If you travel often there may be times where you get to travel solo. Check out the 5 best things to do while solo at Walt Disney World.
  4. Get gifts for the loved ones – Gifts for loved ones are essential. After trying to figure out what to buy each family member I decided that I wanted to bring back a few pins.  Disney pin trading is all the rage and can be really fun. I was able to buy a starter kit and do a little pin trading. I also bought a starter kit for my oldest son. He loves Star Wars so I bought him a Star Wars one of course. Also, I explained to him when I got home what pin trading was all about.  Next time we head to Disney he can trade all on his own.
  5. Chill by the pool – Of course if you are with your family you can chill at the pool but when you are rolling solo you don’t have to worry about watching the kids.  Have a drink, take a swim, and have another drink! When I was staying at Wyndham Lake Buena Vista, the pool was amazing! I am sure most resorts have great pools to chill by.

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Have you ever traveled solo to Disney?

Disney with kids is great. Travel solo to Disney World is different.. and wonderful. | 5 best things to do while at Disney solo | Traveling Dad