I’d like to share 3 things that you should NEVER do on a plane. I’m sure there’s more (like yelling or even saying bomb — see Meet the Parents, for reference), but these are three that I experienced on my last flight.

never do on a plane

We recently made a trip to New York City with our whole family for a conference. Flying home was like something you’d see in a movie. A tragic comedy, probably.

Delta delayed our flight home 6 times. The last delay had our flight leaving at 2AM, instead of the original 7PM. I can only imagine the meltdowns we’d experience, not only from our kids, had the flight indeed left at 2AM.

Instead, after this delay, Delta cancelled the flight. Conveniently, this cancellation occurred after Delta’s accommodations office had closed for the night. So, while Delta had already rebooked our flights, we were on our own for lodging for the night.

I’ve had a lot of success using Trivago, so I immediately opened up the app and went to work. Found a Marriott Courtyard across the highway from the airport for a very reasonable price. Of course, it was reasonable because the hotel was already sold out. First time that Trivago has failed me.

Now, we’re standing in a Marriott lobby with all our carry on bags with no where to stay. The desk clerk finally mentions that their sister property, next door, has two rooms available.

We run next door and book one of the two rooms left, for a not reasonable price, and proceed to try to get some sleep and let this day just end.

The next morning, we head back to LaGuardia and get our boarding passes. Hey! Look at that! We get to fly first class all the way home!! Yay! This will be the first time for the kids and we didn’t have to pay for it!

Little did we know how little “class” actually exists in first class.

1. Never Do On A Plane: Take Off Your Shoes and Socks

Never and I mean never, take your shoes and socks off in this confined, pressurized tube in which we’re all flying. Not acceptable.

My son, beaming from ear to ear and wishing this first class flight could last 12 hours, instead of three, had the joy of sitting next to a gentlemen that took off his shoes and socks and THEN proceeded to prop his funky dogs up on the bulkhead! What the what??!!

Thank God, my son was so engrossed in free movies and TV and drinks and food that he didn’t even noticed, but seriously, dude? On what planet is this OK?

First time in first class and my son has Toe Jam Jerry as his seat mate.

2. Never Do On A Plane: Clips Your Nails

Never, ever and I don’t care how fugly your nails are, clip your nails on a plane! Fingers or toes. Both are unacceptable!

While my son was successfully ignoring Toe Jam Jerry, I could not help FREAKING OUT that the guy next to me was clipping his fingernails, right over our drinks!

never do on a plane clip your fingernails

You. Cannot. Be. SERIOUS!

This is an activity for your home. In a bathroom. Not in this small space in the area where I will soon be eating my lunch!

Yep. Dude went to town on his nails for a solid thirty minutes, just clipping away.

3. Never Do On A Plane: Share Your Entire Financial Status

After Fingernail Fred finished his personal manicure, he proceeded to open his laptop (that for some reason included the longest, most tangled power cord I’ve ever seen) and open his bank account and investment account.

Yep. I now know more about his financial situation than I do about my own.

I’m sure he wanted me to see it. He pretty much spun the laptop my direction so I couldn’t help but see it.

While it was impressive, I really don’t want this information. Isn’t this something you really want to do at home or in your office? Not surrounded by a bunch of strangers?

Apparently, the answer is nope, I’d rather work on my financial stuff for the entire flight. Making it obvious exactly how much money I have.

As previously noted, there are multitude activities in which you should never engage in while on a plane. These were the three I experienced on my last flight.

Traveling Dad would love to hear about your “never on a plane” stories. Please share your worst in the comments, below.