LG Electronics is a brand you likely heard of when it comes to mobile phone, but most have never owned an LG phone. That’s because Samsung and Apple rule the mobile world when it comes to advertisements and therefore, these well engineered, solid performing LG phones often get overlooked when American consumers go to the store to buy a new phone.

I’ve been watching LG for a few years now as I was a big fan of the LG G4 and V10 models from 2015. In 2016, we had the LG G5 which was featured modular components to offer added capability, but the G5 was not a hit with consumers and sales were flat.

Now, it’s 2017, and LG is back with the LG G6. This new flagship has some great features including:

  • Dual cameras for clear and stunning wide-angle photos
  • A fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor
  • Expandable storage for your HD videos and photos
  • Water and dust-resistance for the times your phone gets wet

So now that the LG G6 is here, just in time for summer adventures, let’s explore three reasons why it’s perfect for traveling parents!

All day battery life with fast performance

The LG G6 features a 3,300 mAh battery and runs the latest version of Android – called 7.0 Nougat. Also, with that Snapdragon 821 processor, this phone is wicked fast and just sips battery as it delivers the performance new smartphone users want. Even while playing video games, watching YouTube videos and snapping photos, this phone didn’t struggle to keep up with my demanding use. The battery never failed to last me an entire day, even at times where I was snapping photos of my kids while at the beach or on a road trip.

If for some reason you do need a fast charge up in the late afternoon – the LG G6 has Quick Charge 3.0, which means you can juice up 60-70 in just 30 minutes.

Cutting edge wide-angle

A quick glance at the back of the LG G6 reveals two cameras. This is because one camera has a standard lens and the second has a wide-angle lens. Both cameras have the same resolution, but different depths of field and having a wide-angle camera is amazing for summer road trips. I spent time at the Oregon coast this last weekend composing photos and having a wide-angle lens to be able to capture an entire bay made it easy.

LG G6 wide angle photo

I must admit, the G6 makes you a better photographer by giving you a new tool that makes it fun to compose images intentionally for maximum affect on our eye.

Water resistance

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and while our portion of the world is beautiful and captivating, we do have a lot of rain. And as a result, we have a lot of water. From having to wonder if it will rain while you’re on a bike ride or walk to having to worry about dropping your phone in a stream while canoeing – water can make your vacation suck if your phone comes in to contact with it.

Worry not if you’re a G6 owner – the phone is resistant to both sand and water, making it the perfect adventure phone.

Bonus: Ergonomics

The LG G6 is a slightly taller phone that most – but packs in a massive 5.8″ screen that is perfect for watching videos and surfing the web. As a result of its height, the G6 is slightly skinnier than most phones. My primary phone is a OnePlus 3, which is the about the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus and these phones now seem super chubby and hard to hold. The G6 feels fantastic in the hand because of LG’s great ergonomics.

Have you had a chance to see the LG G6 – if so, what are your impressions?