A Quick Layover in Beijing

On a recent business trip to Malaysia, I chose a flight option with a stop in Beijing, China. The layover was just under 24 hours, so I decided to go that route to stop by  and visit for the 2nd time to the capital of China. My flight arrived around 6p and left the next day in the late afternoon. I had to plan strategically to get the most of my pit stop.

Due to some phenomenal pricing, I reserved a hotel at the St. Regis in Beijing. Converting Chinese yuan to US dollars, the nightly rate was about $150. The same level of room in New York City would easily run 3-4 x’s the price. I was blown away a bit when the butler rang the bell to give me a tour of my room and serve me green tea!

Below are some highlights from my trip to Beijing, with captions describing what you see. There are scenes from the Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City and a tea marketplace with unending stores serving hot Chinese teas. Look for my mask in the video, which was a prerequisite due to the poor air quality.

Enjoy the glimpse of China for a short stay and get some ideas for your trip…

Until next time China!