It’s no secret that I enjoy beer, especially a craft beer brewed in town.  Heck I even wrote about it on these posts, 4 Family Friendly Austin Breweries and 7 Restaurants with Beer and a Playscape.  Last week fellow Traveling Dad, Raphael Ocampo was visiting Austin, TX and we decided to take a little field trip.   Check out our video – 2 Dads Take A Tour of a Brewery.

2 Dads Take A Tour of a Brewery

Raphael was in town on business and my wife was at home with the kids so it was just the dads doing what dads do!  While we were visiting Austin Beer Works and enjoying a beer. We talked about traveling, being a dad, and our jobs.  Normal stuff dads talk about.

When we were getting ready to leave Raphael asked if we could take a tour of the facility and I said oh yea we can.  Then we asked an employee and he said the brewery was closed and we couldn’t go to the back and look around. We asked another employee of Austin Beer Works and he said he would take us on a tour.

It was a Tuesday evening around closing time and it wasn’t too busy at all.  Since it was semi close to closing time when we asked for a tour, we felt kind of bad.  But Ben from Austin Beer Works gave us a sweet VIP tour.  If you ask they more than likely will take you on a tour. Don’t be shy ask away, if its not too busy.  I mean most people are Texas friendly!

In addition, Austin Beer Works is a family friendly place and has some great beer on tap.  Its huge patio and outdoor space make it fun for the whole family. On on weekends they sometimes have live music and events for all to enjoy.  The huge outdoor ares is perfect for families.  They don’t serve food but you are allowed to bring in your own food, so pack a picnic and head over.

More About ABW

Located in Austin, Texas we found out that Austin Beerworks is the largest craft beer distributor in town and in the state.  It has great beer like, Sputnik, a Russian Imperial Stout, and Peacemaker, an ale that is refreshing anytime, Fire Eagle an American IPA, and many more they have on tap.  We learned that they used to operate out of a 9,000 sq. ft facility and recently moved into a 15,000 sq. ft. facility and will begin brewing in the new location soon.

Have you ever been on a wine or brewery tour?